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7 – Steps to Building a Team – not a Mailing List

John Arrington asked:

Have you heard the old saying “There is money in the list”? Well that may be true. But I say that there is power in a team.

Stop trying to sell something all the time to your mailing list, this is one of the biggest mistakes of most list owners. They see their list as dollar signs. That is why people opt-out of their list and don’t read their emails.

7 – Steps. How To build a team instead of a useless unresponsive list?

Here is my input on How To build a team of people who will follow your lead into most any program that you have to offer.

Step 1. Use a lead generating system that actually offers something of value to the person who is thinking about joining your team.

Step 2. After they sign up send them to a website loaded with tools and helpful software that will help them to build their team also.

Step 3. Send them a welcome letter in their email congratulating them for joining your team. Note: Don’t try to sell them something at this time. Send them a FREE Gift and start building a relationship with them first.

Step 4. Answer all their questions that they may have about the free gift or software that they received, when they joined your team. Remember you are building a team not a mailing list.

Step 5. Never, and I mean Never, share or sell your list to anyone… Period! Protect your teams information at all cost. You will be rewarded many times over in the end for your trust.

Step 6. Give them some learning tools to educate them about your system and how it works. And give them advice about building their own team. You must educate your team and doing so will give the person self esteem and worth. See, people want to be part of something of worth while and that actually works.

Step 7. After they have proven themselves by following your training advice and learning tools, that you provided them. Then invite them to your product or service that you are selling… Let them prove themselves first.

When you build a team like this, they will join almost any program or service or even purchase your products in a heart beat. Why? Because you helped them also build their own team and taught them how to keep them on their team and not opt-out, because of abusing their mailing list.

See what I’m trying to say here? Stop looking at your list as dollar signs, instead help them to become successful first and they will help you become successful also.

Email your team from time to time about new products that you have to offer. And send them free advice about ways to increase their marketing skills and income.

I do this through my newsletter called “Raptor Marketing” and blog site and my team loves me for this. They are always looking for my next newsletter or blog post.

And by treating your team with respect you will profit for years to come.

I’ve been amazed at the response that I receive from my team when I offer them a new ebook or product through my email promotions (back end sells).

I have actually made more money from back end sells then I have from front end sells. How did I accomplish this? I stop abusing my list or (team). I give them more things FREE, instead of trying to sell them something all the time.

Try this it works like crazy.

Yes, there is power in a team, not an abused mailing list.

To learn more about team building see my recourse box. You can thank me later.

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