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The 3 Crucial Steps to Performing Due Diligence on Any Network Marketing Opportunity

Michael Hutchins asked:

O.k., you have discovered the PERFECT network marketing opportunity! A distributor for the company has proudly exhorted all the benefits of getting involved, and visions of dollar signs are dancing in your head. But WHOA, hold on, did you perform these 3 crucial steps of due diligence BEFORE jumping in head first?

Step 1) Go To The Company Website And Gather Background Information

I know what you are thinking. The company website is just going to be full of company propaganda. And, basically you would be correct. The background information you will be obtaining concerns the company ownership and management teams. Any network marketing opportunity worth it’s “salt” should provide ample background information on the leadership team. If the website does not provide ample information regarding the backgrounds of each of the leadership team, the company could be trying to hide something.

NOT, A Good Sign!

Ideally, the leadership team should have ample network marketing experience. It is a “red flag” when most of the management team has business experience not related to network marketing. It is also important to determine how long the company has been in business. Generally speaking, you want to get involved with a company that has been launched for at least 1 year. It is beneficial to get involved early, but not at the expense of losing your investment.

Step 2) Get Opinions Regarding Your Network Marketing Opportunity From Google

Perform a Google search with the search terms consisting of the name of the company followed by the word,”scams.” Gather your fact finding from the free listings that appear on the left. Often you will find forum postings that chronicle the experiences others have had with your potential network marketing opportunity. Take these experiences seriously, but keep in mind that you probably do not have the full story. Try to form your opinion from a consensus of experiences.

Step 3) “Interview” At Least 3 Different Potential Sponsors

This step is definitely the most important. NEVER limit yourself to being recruited by only 1 potential sponsor. Again, go to Google and type in the company name as the search term. This time you will be selecting an ad listing that appears on the right side of the page. This time you will be taken to a website either owned or operated by your potential sponsor. If the home page of the site promotes the company well, you might want to contact that individual. ALWAYS let potential sponsors know of your screening process. Make them aware that you will be “interviewing” others. How your potential sponsor reacts to the competition could be a determining factor in the selection process. If you get a barrage of sensational promises,

Drop them like a “HOT POTATO!”

Selecting the best network marketing opportunity is very challenging. You will be tempted to make quick decisions. But you MUST take your time.

In the end, your diligence will pay off and your network marketing business will turn out to be a great network marketing opportunity!

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