Improving Team performance

Customer Services Training For The Team

Shaun Parker asked: In the UK customer service is not nearly as good as our transatlantic counterparts. The Americans and Canadians take great pride in providing a service with a smile. It goes well beyond staff spitting out a gimmicky ‘have a nice day’ after every successful transaction. It boils down to the fact that […]

Problem Solving

Keep Outsourcing Relationships Short Term

Donald Mitchell asked: Consider outsourcing and you’ll find eager companies and suppliers lined up to offer you long-term contracts. Why? Assuming that the outsourcing provider performs as promised, you are locked into using their service . . . even if a better alternative arises. The more profitable the arrangement is for the provider, the more […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Managing Offshore Projects – Staff Retention: Part 2 –how to Address the Issue

M.M.Sathyanarayan asked: Competition for competent staff in countries like India is intense. The environment is similar to what U.S. experienced during the Internet boom, when it was very difficult to attract and retain good talent. Many companies are finding that high turnover in their offshore team is creating disappointing results. You’ve invested valuable U.S. staff […]