Leadership Mistakes

5 Ships Needed to Take Your Church Into the Future

Bryan Cutshall asked: One of the most common mistakes made by leaders is changing courses to fast. A church is a lot like a ship. If you turn too fast, you will turn the boat over. The sea of life if full of sunken ships that would have survived if the leaders would have transitioned […]

Feedback and Rewards

Are Treasure Hunts An Effective Team Building Activity?

Shaun Parker asked: Firstly, let’s take a look at the advantages of hosting a treasure hunt event for your team building session. Communication has to be high up on the list of benefits, on good events your team will need to communicate the information to each other. Getting people working together and breaking the ice […]


Our Top Ten Team Building Exercises

Amy Linley asked: You’ve recruited the individual members of your team. You’ve established your goal. You’ve developed a plan and a timeline. Now the trick is to get all those unique individuals working together toward the same goal. Given the varied personalities, communication skills and personal agendas individual members bring with them to the team, […]