Leadership Mistakes

5 Ships Needed to Take Your Church Into the Future

Bryan Cutshall asked: One of the most common mistakes made by leaders is changing courses to fast. A church is a lot like a ship. If you turn too fast, you will turn the boat over. The sea of life if full of sunken ships that would have survived if the leaders would have transitioned […]

Transformational Leadership

Managing Employee Morale, Motivation — Why Managers Create Low Morale

Ben Simonton asked: Everyone knows that the sports team with the highest morale wins. In fact, every manager wants high morale in his/her group. So why do most managers create low morale in their employees? In truth, given the societal, educational and workplace related influences, it would be amazing if managers did not create low […]

Non Standard Leadership Techniques

Hey Contractors, These Staffing Systems Get The Right People On The Bus And In The Right Seats

Ron Roberts asked: In another article titled How Contractors Get Rich, I introduced you to the six systems that control the fate of your construction business. To refresh your memory, they were: 1. Marketing 2. Sales 3. Staffing 4. Planning 5. Tracking 6. Financial Control In this article, I am going to expand on the […]