Transformational Leadership

Chrysler's ‘design Dome’ Transforms Into Showroom

Lauren Woods asked: The Chrysler Technical Center, which is dubbed as the ‘design dome’ of the automaker, temporarily loses to function as such. In the past few days, the dome has been transformed into a showroom to attract more suitors. The Chrysler Group transforms the hush-hush dome into a warm showroom, with open books, as […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Setting Performance Standards Using Competencies

Developing People asked: However, it is also important to set expectations about how job responsibilities should be discharged and targets delivered as it is unacceptable for staff to deliver these at ‘any cost’. Setting behavioural expectations or ‘competencies’ are an intrinsic part of managing the performance managers and staff. By setting these expectations the business […]

Women in Leadership

Good Help is Hard to Find

George J. Morse asked: Does it seem like it’s becoming more and more difficult to find good help? Young men and women, entering the workforce today, don’t seem to be as motivated as the previous generation of workers. When taking a new job, this new workforce doesn’t seem to be very appreciative of the opportunity […]

Improving Team performance

Improving Employee Performance – How to Talk so Employees Produce

Barbara Brown, PhD asked: If you want to improve employee performance, start thinking about your daily conversations.  You discuss new projects, talk about overdue assignments, give updates about completed tasks, and so on.  Use these conversations to reinforce the importance of doing a great job.  How? Link the performance to some type of workplace result. […]