Conflict Resolution

Improving International Relations With the Konov Principle

Sacha Tarkovsky asked: International relations; that is, the relations between both nations and their people, cannot be improved enough. The human race is separated by language, race, mentality, and very strict borders. Are there really methods to improve these relations and bring people, cultures and nations together? According to Serge Konov, the modern Russian philosopher […]

Traits of a Leader

Leadership Development Training To Improve Your Skills

Abhishek Agarwal asked: There is a popular saying that there are persons who are naturally born to lead. However, a majority of people dispute this thought. Most assert that leaders can be developed also. This in reality is partially true. In short, it may be safe to believe that while quite a few people have […]

Defining Leadership

Effective Leadership, Managing People: 10 Timeless Principles

Colleen Kettenhofen asked: agement and effective leadership skills seminars, I often ask participants, based on their years of experience, to list their top do’s and don’ts for effectively managing people. After conducting workshops and keynotes all over the world for over 12 years, I’ve come up with ten timeless principles, or tips for managing people. […]