Problem Solving

Organizational Leadership – the Guiding Force Behind an Organizational Growth

Anirban Bhattacharya asked:   Surviving in today’s competitive business world is something like crossing a river of fire. Everyday, business organizations have to inculcate changes and updated technologies to improve their operations to satisfy their customers. Apart from technological up gradations, companies need to strengthen their internal resources to achieve the set target. Many companies […]

Feedback and Rewards

Telemarketing – Generate Big Revenue From Simple Creative Ideas & Small Budgets

Yoshiko Choy asked: Hello, This is XX calling from XX (company), may I have a moment of your time please….? Statistics shows that Telemarketing responses fetches 4 times more than mail-generated leads. And you would think that the cost could be exorbitant, since large corporations have spent millions of dollars prepping up their telemarketing centers. […]


Team Building Events and Exercises

Robin Chandler asked: This document is all about understanding teams and team building training; the purpose of team building activities; why corporate team building events can be effective; planning a team building strategy; building creative teams. Why have a team building activity or event? This is a phrase we hear a lot these days: ‘we […]

Non Standard Leadership Techniques

How To Increase Creativity

Steve Gillman asked: To increase creativity, you need to do two things. First, you need to encourage it. Second, you need to train your brain. Start on both of these right now, and you can experience greater creativity today. Encourage creativity and you’ll increase creativity. This is true of most things you want to see […]