Management Team – Masters or Myth?

Graeme Nichol asked: Every business has problems. That is why the average life span of a large industrial company is 40 years. Some are learning disabilities where companies are not prepared to learn from their mistakes. They insist on doing the same thing every time. Even when problems occur no one examines the cause of […]

Problem Solving

Executive Coaching Services – What Do They Provide

Kris Koonar asked: Executive coaching is not a new concept. For many decades now, leaders of various companies have been coaching their team members for better performance. However, it is only recently that companies have started hiring people from outside the company to coach their employees. Earlier it was perceived that only under-performers, who need […]

Traits of a Leader

Myth of the Sales Personality

Steve Chriest asked: The so-called “sales personality” is a myth.  Belief in this myth may be as responsible for bad hiring and disastrous promotions by employers, and poor performance by salespeople and sales managers, as anything else in the sales talent management equation.  When managers want to hire sales superstars, they tend to hire people […]

Communicating as a Leader

Communication Skills – 4 Excellent Ways To Fine Tune Your Communication Skills

Abhishek Agarwal asked: Communication has been a part of society since times immemorial. It is shocking then, that people still fail to understand each other correctly at times. How often do we argue with somebody simply because we misunderstood what they had meant in the first place? It is definitely a myth that some can […]