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Executive Coaching Services – What Do They Provide

Kris Koonar asked:

Executive coaching is not a new concept. For many decades now, leaders of various companies have been coaching their team members for better performance. However, it is only recently that companies have started hiring people from outside the company to coach their employees. Earlier it was perceived that only under-performers, who need to be motivated, require executive coaching. Now this myth is dispelled and a number of companies are hiring executive coaches for fine-tuning and sharpening the features of bright employees.

An executive coach helps the client to outdo his previous performances, by helping him to inculcate the ability to solve problems and plan for the future. Executive coaches also help to bring about timely changes and develop those positive attributes that would make the executive a successful leader. A coach helps to bridge the gaps between expectations and performance.

Executive coaching is done on a one-to-one basis and it guarantees higher returns because it builds and refines an individuals existing talents and skills. A coach brings together all the skills and talents of a person and coaches him through stimulating new ideas. Executive coaching could be availed of via the telephone too and you can take your lessons at office or at home or even on the golf course. A coach works along side you all the time, like a partner and not like a stern basketball coach.

The first step of executive coaching begins with the assimilation of information, about the executive. Thereafter, the coach keeps on interacting and discussing via designed sessions, with the executive. It is guaranteed that whatever is discussed with the coach is strictly confidential. This offers security to the process of coaching and the coached. There are many issues faced by the executive that cannot be discussed in front of junior employees or in front of the team. A coach is equipped to handle these situations very well because he takes on the role of a sounding board.

The benefits of roping in an executive coach are many. He helps the managers to design competitive strategies. In the current hectic world, full of pressure, even the best of leaders are challenged by their own depth and perfection and their leadership abilities. If you need to establish yourself as a cut above the rest then you need to make the right decisions and have a positive approach towards problem solving. Of course, you cannot afford to neglect people management. All these facets of leadership become a bit problematic when combined. Here is where the professional coach steps in and helps you to be more effective in your approach.

A real good executive coach relates to his participants and stimulates their optimism. The best of the coaches are the ones who have been in similar challenging situations and understand the complexity of the situations. They are able to bring out the best from the participants.

An executive coach concentrates on:

Leadership training: To play mentor to the manager on effective leadership techniques.

Financial awareness: Making the manager aware of key financial concepts.

Management Training: Helps in people management and provides tips on better team management.

Time management: Shares effective tips on time management.

Project management: These tips are specially given to the project managers, but the other managers can avail of them as well.

Team building: Teaching the technique of ideal team formation and management and also developing teamwork skills.


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