Transformational Leadership

How To Build The Bridge As You Walk On It

Richard Cox asked: Becoming a leader is a fascinating, scary and profound process. Each person has their own unique path to walk. We all have specific strengths and weaknesses that we first need to uncover, and then work on. We all have our own challenges to overcome to become the person that are required to […]

Feedback and Rewards

Why Work With a Life Coach?

antoinette sifis asked: We are living in a time of numerous and vast changes, would you agree? An increasingly rapid pace, busy, busy, busy, aspiring to be personally and professionally more effective, whilst at the same time juggling our personal and work lives. Our goals are evolving, for some they are on hold awaiting more […]

Conflict Resolution

There Is No "Secret" To Universal Laws"

Sherry Brantley asked: What would you do in your life, if you knew you could not fail? What if you prospered in all areas you encountered in your life? If you were blessed with the ‘King Midas’ touch and everything you attempted turned to gold,what monumental tasks would you tackle? Now with all of these […]