Conflict Resolution

There Is No "Secret" To Universal Laws"

Sherry Brantley asked:

What would you do in your life, if you knew you could not fail? What if you prospered in all areas you encountered in your life? If you were blessed with the ‘King Midas’ touch and everything you attempted turned to gold,what monumental tasks would you tackle? Now with all of these goals in mind, what would you do with the knowledge that it truly is possible to achieve your dreams, reach your goals and create the experiences you really want to have? We have all purchased the books, watched the videos and heard the audio tapes. We get excited, pumped up and raring to go. Then somewhere along the path, we run out of steam, lose momentum, lose heart.

This is where I found myself prior to writing my book, “Choices The Power Is Within You.” After being clueless, homeless and hopeless, I experienced a divine revelation that caused me to take a deep breath and look, really look at what it was I was creating, and just as importantly, why. As a parenting instructor for Michigan State University and as a Trained Conflict Resolutionist, I experienced conflict in its many forms:

Aggressiveness, anger, passive aggression, blaming, humiliating others-and the list goes on. I now realize that there is no such thing as a conflict that can’t be resolved-only people unwilling to resolve conflict.

The Law of Attraction states: “What you focus on in life, you expand in your life.” Sounds simple-right? But as I explain in “Choices The Power Is Within You,” simple is not always ‘easy.’ And if we truly understood this law,then why is it we focus on what we don’t want? Such as unpaid bills, ill health, low-paying jobs, ungrateful kids, unhappy marriages and so on? The Universe is neutral-it doesn’t ask us to ‘reword’ our thoughts or change their format, it simply delivers to us what we are thinking! This is the reason why “as a man thinketh-so is he!” It is not that difficult to change your world simply by changing your thoughts. For in order for us to do anything-we must first ‘think’ about it! “Choices The Power Is Within You,” is an easy-to-follow read, with a built-in, work at your own pace workbook. It covers issues related to: Successful parenting tips for families that have or are experiencing divorce, how to set and track realistic goals for your self in different areas of your life, the do’s and don’ts when making Affirmations and how to begin honoring the sacred You that is also Spiritual!


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