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Why Work With a Life Coach?

antoinette sifis asked:

We are living in a time of numerous and vast changes, would you agree? An increasingly rapid pace, busy, busy, busy, aspiring to be personally and professionally more effective, whilst at the same time juggling our personal and work lives. Our goals are evolving, for some they are on hold awaiting more time, more money, more skills, more something….whilst others have an idea of what they want to achieve, yet drift along, day after day, hoping that one day the dream will become a reality , kind of like a boat without a rudder.

There are new skills and more awareness required of us, the world is changing and sometimes it feels like we are just keeping above water, losing sight of our dreams or worse still, living goals and purposes that are not our own.

If you could picture a duck for a moment, gliding across the rippled waters of a lake, seemingly with little effort, yeah it’s doing okay, at a surface level. Now think about what the duck is doing beyond what we can see, its using loads of energy kicking away, stopping, starting, taking a breather, kicking away again – a stark contrast to its seemingly effortless external effort don’t you think? Has anyone you know ever experienced life as the duck? Perhaps there is a plan to one day evolve into a swan – pure, congruent, at peace – able to glide effortlessly and easily ahead – congruent above and below the surface.

Having strategies, and the education to create increased effectiveness, creativity and productivity to reach those goal ahead, can be achieved quicker and greater with a partner – one who has the insights and commitment to your personal and professional development, one who will provide focused support and guidance as you make changes, one who challenges you, is dedicated to your development, enhances your transition to where you want to go – A Life Coach.

A coaching partnership creates an intense focus and momentum that helps you create your life exactly as you intend it, to achieve your own definition of success and fulfillment, to develop from the duck to the swan.

People who achieve excellence have done so by learning how to tap into the most resourceful part of their brain adopting a heightened sense of self awareness. They have learned to take total responsibility for their thoughts, actions and results they are getting. This includes choosing what to focus on, asking more empowering questions, creating beliefs that conspire to their successes. Mastering this, they enjoy a deeper level of fulfillment which is built on their strengths, increased confidence, stronger personal and business relationships and more effective communication at home and at work.

Let’s take this one step further. By taking total responsibility for your reactions, thoughts and actions, do you think it gives you more choices and possibilities for turning things around, for resolving past hurt, and looking at new possibilities? Taking it to the next level, how about drawing a positive message from what seems a negative result? You can do this when you have the belief that there is no concept of failure, only feedback, an opportunity to learn more about yourself, your capabilities and opportunities, what you need to do differently to create a different result next time and being thankful for the gift that is being presented to you.

Do you often take on an error, a mistake on as emotional baggage, you marry it so that it becomes a part of you? Do you also divulge in self talk, the ‘nagger’… oh you got it wrong, you are not good enough! So how about we divorce this self talk altogether and take on a real soul mate, one that says, hey if you do not get the outcome you want, it’s simply feedback, that’s all it is. How would this approach change your outlook and your actions? Have you heard how the light globe came to be? Thomas Edison had 1000 attempts at it, of getting it wrong or perhaps 1000 attempts closer to getting it right, as he put it. Each time, he used the feedback he received to do it differently; he used that information to make finer distinctions about what he needed to do to create the results he wanted, and presto, we have light!

People who achieve personal success develop a heightened sense of self, and learn to take responsibility for their results. When they let go of the excuses they let go of the baggage they had been carrying around, they get to experience a renewed sense of freedom, like a weight lifted, excited about their future, at peace, more loving, appreciative, focused, a new sense of determination.

So lets ponder this for a moment, what if you started right now to ask more empowering questions that could turn any situation around, you accepted feedback and learned from past results, used courage to understand and overcome limitations, created beliefs that served and supported you, focused your energy to what you really want to create, embraced what seemed unfamiliar and had some fun in the process, lived every day congruently with who you are and true to your purpose. Do you think it would improve the quality of life, even by a little? Where would the greatest changes occur? What would you be doing differently? Where would the rewards be? How would it make you feel?

Are your dreams worth putting on hold any longer? Is it time to begin investing in your most valuable asset? Discover how coaching can make the difference you have been waiting for and begin to create your own extraordinary life today. It is possible and you are worth it. One decision can change your life forever. Isn’t it time to live on purpose?


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