Non Standard Leadership Techniques

Profiting More from Creative Ways to Use Your Old Products, Even the Duds

Daniel Klatt asked: I read the other day about a European company that created a technology for stores for example in a mall to keep teens from hanging out in front of their businesses or loitering. It’s a device that makes a high-pitched frequency that teens can clearly hear yet which most adults can’t, because […]

Communicating as a Leader

7 Ways to Succeed as a Leader in a 24/7 World

Kevin Eikenberry asked: Blackberries and Wifi and blogs (oh my!). And your list likely goes on – email, IM’s, forwarding your phone number, wireless everything and 24 hour news channels. While it might be trite, we truly live in a 24/7 world. Many of us didn’t grow up in a world quite like it is […]