11 Ways To Create Successful Corporate Meetings And Retreats

David. A. Goldsmith asked: What’s the cost to put together a strategic corporate meeting or retreat? Regardless of the specifics-hotel expenses, payroll, lost opportunities, lost management time planning the agenda, the cost of guest speakers, food, and supplies-you expect the returns to far outweigh the $3000 or $150,000 bill. Unfortunately, too many meetings never hit […]

Transformational Leadership

Dysfunctional Teams and Collective Leadership

Chris Henderson asked: In my experience most leadership team members spend a day a month meeting together and the other 29 days complaining about what a waste of time it was and how they aren’t talking about the ‘real issues’. Almost everyone I say that to cracks a wry smile. We’ve all seen it. Most […]

Leadership Mistakes

Essential Qualities Of Leadership

John Fortner asked: Webster says that leadership is “the position or function of a leader; the ability to lead; an act or instance of leading, guidance, direction.” Do you enjoy leading, guiding or directing? Do you look forward to making decisions that impact the lives of others? Would you rather give the responsibility for making […]

Leadership Styles

A Look at the Different Types of Leadership Styles

Muna wa Wanjiru asked: Leadership style is an approach of giving direction, motivating people and implementing plans. As there are many leaders, there are different leadership styles. A good leader uses the right leadership style according to the situation. Whatever may be the situation, bad leaders tend to use only one style. Following are the […]