Defining Leadership

Transform Your Organization With Facilitative Leadership

Glenn Brome asked: So, facilitative leadership: is leading by committee … not! It is not about getting everyone together and asking, “what do you and you think?” Everything cannot be decided via committee! Especially if your work involves things like law enforcement or the military. The front lines are not the place to take a […]

Leadership Styles

A Look at the Different Types of Leadership Styles

Muna wa Wanjiru asked: Leadership style is an approach of giving direction, motivating people and implementing plans. As there are many leaders, there are different leadership styles. A good leader uses the right leadership style according to the situation. Whatever may be the situation, bad leaders tend to use only one style. Following are the […]

Feedback and Rewards

Decision Making: Identifies Issues, Problems, and Opportunities asked: Recognizes issues, problems, or opportunities and determines whether action is needed. What sparks the decision-making process? In some cases it’s a request, such as when your leader asks you to choose equipment to purchase, reduce costs, or delegate work. In other cases you might be aware of an issue that needs to be […]