How to Activate your Team

Karen Kay asked: I Heard a new twist on this term recently. Maybe my head’s been in the sand, but I had never heard the word “activate” in regard to a person. I love it! Light bulbs went off big time for this in relation to my team building site. Here’s the thing: Members of […]


How To Make A Memorable Maid Of Honor Wedding Speech

James Nardel asked: Maid of honors are usually the person closest to the bride’s heart. It could be her best friend or her younger sister. It is a person who could know a lot of things about the bride that even her parents don’t know about. A maid of honor is also one of the […]

Communicating as a Leader

Importance of Effective Communication

E.Aartheeswari asked: Importance of Effective Communication Dr.S.Elangovan, Sri Venkateswara College of Engg&Technology, Thiurppachchur, Tiruvallur.631203 Tamil Nadu State; India Email: What is communication?  Communication is a reciprocal sharing of information and ideas of written, oral, non-verbal information according to a common set of rules. “ If you want to drink and drive, take cocacola” is a […]