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The Greatest Day in History…

Today is the greatest day in the history of the world! That statement sounds optimistic because it sounds promising and it feels good to say it. That statement is often said in the context of today being the first day of the rest of your life and one is appreciative. Such appreciation should never go unattended, as it is real. However that statement is not a statement at all nor is it optimistic. “Today is the greatest day in the history of the world” is not a proclamation of promise. It’s a declaration of truth. The history of the world has been one of women’s suppression and struggle and though that still continues, today is better than any other day before. Today, women have power unlike never before and the power grows. Power is not something someone gives you; power is something one must take. Women have taken this power and by way of reasonable measures. Aristotle believed that at his best, man is the most noblest of all animals but separated from law and justice, he is the worst. Women can never be separated from the laws of nature because it’s their birthright and their gift. Women can never be separated from justice because justice begins with the woman. Women have been the victims of misguided laws and malicious injustice. Today, women have the power to impact the laws and levy justice where justice does not exist. In a civilized society, just laws must not only be prevalent, they must prevail. When women prevail in a society, all those in that society will profit and the society will prevail.

Oftentimes when the subject of women in business is discussed, comparisons with men are made as if men are the barometer for business. This is a false perception and false too is the language. Business is not an entity separated from life; it is an entity encompassed by life. The definitions of a business consists of a line of work, to work, a profession, a job, a trade, a position, a vocation, a field, a calling and a career. Before today, societies around the globe have claimed that women didn’t work and therefore couldn’t understand the parameters of “formal” business. This misconception rivals some the largest platitudes in history: the near-sighted earth is flat, the purposeful stork delivers babies and the perforated theory of evolution. The business world has presented itself to women as if it spoke a foreign language on an uncharted map. But the truth is that the language is fabricated and the world of business operates in a land not unknown to women. By definition, everything women do and have always done is in fact a business. Women have labored the child, harvested the crop, fed the hungry, nursed the needy and educated the willing. All of those are jobs, careers, trades, vocations and callings. Women aren’t new to business; they’re only new to the financial rewards.

Today, more than ever, women are in the workplace and now own the workplace. Women have always been established in business but now they are in business for profit by way of monetary means. Today over 10 million businesses are owned or controlled by women and those businesses account for over two (2) trillion dollars in sales. That’s an astounding number and a resounding accomplishment when all considerations are factored. This doesn’t come as a result of women learning anything new. This is a manifestation of who women already are: industrious, innovative, instinctive and intelligent. The traits of women are not to be compared with that of men, just shared in composition of a more productive and progressive society. Every household around the world that houses women, women manage and most commonly manage well. The interactive and intuitive management style of women is a prerequisite to a thriving business and a productive workplace environment. Women-owned businesses employ almost 20 million people and steadily rising. No matter the financial compensations, people want to work in a place where they are wanted and needed. People want to feel like they’re doing something that matters and their input is valuable. This is the difference between the cold walls of a house structure and the warmth of a fruitful home. Business isn’t cold but people in business can be and therefore the stigma attaches. Inanimate objects and entities have no control over the animate. That’s an abdication of responsibility and excuse for not executing the social graces where civility and industry must meet. And in the world of accountability, there can be no room for excuses.

There was a time not long ago when any man in a three-piece suit could qualify for a business loan. Those times are no more, as much money was lost and many laws were circumvented. The measures applied in today’s market are far more reasonable and more accessible to female entrepreneurs. Commercial lenders and Venture Capitalists want to see that the company has done its research in that respective field. It’s important for them to know that you have experience in this area of expertise. Another major factor will be how you intend to market the product and what the infrastructure of the company is. As you design your company, research successful companies already in that industry, introduce yourselves to other women in business and network to assist each other. Those around you that make claims of what you can’t do must be excluded from your conversations, so that you may focus on the task at hand. Whether you are single, a single mother or married, taking advantage of free enterprise is the way to independence and interdependence. The success in business that any male has experienced is not because males possess some superior trait over women; it’s because men have been the only players. Women can compete in any and every business. It’s just a matter of choice and now that choice is yours.

There are many mechanics that will need to be considered but every business is unique and few guidelines are universal. Business plans that include collateral will always have a greater chance for success. If you can include real estate in your proposal, then do so. If your credit or assets are not substantial, then you may design a plan that provides for security such as inventory and a schedule that may include factoring. There are options available such as equipment leasing and accounts receivables that will keep your company flexible with capital reserves. Each business plan must be specifically designed to suit your needs and the company’s industry and location. No one can make these determinations but you and no one can adequately assist you without full disclosure. Explore your options and enlist the services of someone who understands you and your needs.

In business, the blueprint for success has zero to do with gender and everything to do with characteristics. The number one reason most people don’t start a business is not because of a lack of money but a conceptual fear. For one to operate a successful business, they must first define what success is in their own terms. The sole reason why the numbers of women-owned businesses aren’t more reflective of the population is because they haven’t been encouraged to do and supported when doing so. It’s been a blight on the world community and a recessive gene to societal growth. Today we see women straightening that crooked path and every society will become a more powerful force because of it. Yesterday, we gorged the bitterness of bigotry. Today, we taste the fruits of unity and diversity. Today, we plant the untainted seeds of effortless innovation and boundless meritocracy. Today, little girls and little boys will witness the ubiquitous talents of women in power and exalt their leadership. Young women will know they have they have a reasonable option before them and no law will disallow their choices. I
t’s paramount that not only young women see their defined roles as unrestrained but that young men do and work in concert as we brave a new world.
It’s true: Today is the greatest day in the history of the world and tomorrow will be even


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