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Motivating Oneself for Sustained Peak Performance!

Jeff Magee asked:

“Nothing in this world is so good as usefulness. It binds your fellow creatures to you and you to them. It tends to the improvement of your own character and gives you a real importance in society much beyond what any artificial station can bestow.”

– B. C. Brodie

Motivating those on ones’ team for peak performance and sustained performance ability is essential to a healthy organization. At the same time, a leader must be always vigilant to remain energized and motivated them self, if the team they lead is to demonstrate similar traits and characteristics.

A mentor of mine once expressed the view that if organizations hired motivated people they would be able to spend less time focusing on how to motivate and reward employees.

While I agree in spirit to that statement, I do feel that the individuals sustained acts that are recognized and appreciated serve as on going fuel in ones’ gas tank of life. If one puts out energy without being replenished, one will ultimately burn out and crash!

Here are ten proven simple strategies for remaining energized and motivated in the work place as a managerial-leader. Consider:

1. Completion – psychology reveals that ones’ mind must see completion or accomplishment to energy expanded. If one works on project(s) and at the end of the day, nothing quantifiable is accomplished, it becomes harder and harder to sustain that same level, not mention an increased level, of commitment and enthusiasm toward the project. It is natural for the mind to divert energies toward other matters, when it does not see results. So, a simple, silly yet meaningful example would be to make sure that every day your schedule is loaded with something that you can look back upon at the end of the day as having accomplished, a this or a that!

2. Limit Exposure To People – limit the amount of time you spend around those people that are ‘takers’ and not ‘givers’ of energy. Engaging individuals that tend to be energy drainers, negative perspective oriented and toxic personalities are sure-fire ways of having energy drained from you. Have a strategy for engaging them that allows you to engage and escape quickly. As detailed in ENOUGH ALREADY: 50 Fast Ways To Deal With, Manage And Eliminate Negativity At Work And Home, I have found that by limiting your exposure to these types of people you will remain motivated and energized more often!

3. Limit Exposure To Things – limit the amount of time you spend on projects, activities, committees or things that are ‘takers’ and not ‘givers’ of energy. Participating in some of those ‘things’ that one does not always have to engage in, tend to be energy drainers of you. Have a strategy that will tell you when to engage, participate and when to bite ones’ tongue, shut up and or not even show up to the event! You will find that by limiting your exposure to these types of ‘things’ you will remain motivated and energized more often!

4. Don’t Volunteer – it is amazing to listen to your self talk as to those times when you feel abused, taken advantage of, not appreciated, etc. and realize that for a large percentage of the time this occurs when one has willing volunteered and subjected themselves to an event or group of people. This self-inflicted energy robbing experience can be greatly curtailed by reducing and sometimes eliminating ones’ willingness to place one in these scenarios! In his landmark book, You Don’t Have to Be Blind to See, Jim Stovall demonstrates repeatedly that the greatest obstacles to success and motivation are self- inflicted!

5. Personal Mission Statement Focus – individuals with defined self purpose as Stephen Covey called it in his best selling book, 7 Habits Of Highly Successful People, are in fact successful and live in greater self harmony because they gravitate toward those things and people that have connection with what they are about. This serves as a self fulfilling energy depositor!

6. Professional Mission Statement Focus – so too would hold true for truly effective professionals, they arrive in the work place with clarity of purpose that holds self- meaning and when engaged in actions that serve this purpose, they too seem to become more energized and thus motivated!

7. Master Mind Group – famed business man of the mid 1900’s Napoleon Hill in the classic book, Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, called it ones’ personal board-of-directors, to surround yourself with like professionals that you can draw upon for open, candid and confidential input in times of high and low will be a powerful force personally. Your Master Mind Group will serve as a constant source of inspiration and motivation to you and your causes!

8. Other Person Focused – whether referred to as servant leadership or customer focused, when you understand what is held to be truly meaningful to the other person in the work place and you can assist them in attaining that, you will find them a more willing participant in your circles. This willingness feeds your energy and the two of you become more moved and motivated in your actions…energies are working together and not against one another!

9. Don’t Argue – without question, the fastest way to drain ones’ energy level, increase ones’ negative self talk and reduce forward momentum both in the now and contribute toward possible future obstacles, is to engage in an argument with another person in a professional environment. Just recognize in most arguments there are two critical questions: Who gets exhausted? Who gets energized? This will aid as a good guidepost toward future engagements for sustained enthusiasm!

10. Just Do It – as the mantra goes, so to do winners! Procrastination and the act of ‘excuse-it is’ can both hold one back from victory and victories serve as energy depositors, the act of waiting, holding back, putting off and just simple procrastination on those tasks, issues, etc. which one must address only serve to be powerful demotivators. It is like building a daily ‘to do list’ and putting the ugly task to last, it only serves to ruin an otherwise great day and will ensure that you go about that matter with only have your energy level … load that type of activity into the day after some thing great and before something great and even it will be done with great motivation. And as a leader, remember ‘model’ the behaviors they see exhibited from you!

Unlocking the door to ones passion points has a dramatic effect of becoming a never-ending waterfall from which one gains a flow of energy. It is from this flow of energy and that serves as the core source of ones’ energy creators that one will be able to sustain constant motivation. As a leader it is you that serves as the well from which the team comes for nurture and substance!

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