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Increasing Your Bottom Line Through Conscious Business

Steve Bernal asked:

While the business world and Corporate America tend to evoke visions of wealthy business people consumed by themselves and their bank accounts, there is a growing movement of companies whose owners and leadership want something different. Known as conscious business, company owners strive to consider the effects of their business actions on the people and the environment around them. It is essentially about incorporating social and environmental responsibility into the daily business decision’s and strategy.  

How well does your business line up with such ideals? Most businesses fit into the category of for-profit or non-profit, but conscious business has created a new model—not-just-for-profit.  This model invokes a commitment to improving the quality of the lives of employees, the community, and society. Not because it is mandated by law but because it is the “socially responsible” thing to do.  

Since Conscious Business has a purpose even greater than increasing the bottom line, it can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved.  As a result, work productivity and employee retention increases, which has a positive effect on the customer, and ultimately increases the bottom line.   

Below are some common characteristics of a conscious business:  

Owners and employees are aware of the impact their actions and practices have on the environment and other people around them; they strive to live their lives with personal responsibility and an increased awareness of how the planet and people around them are interrelated. 

Owners make an effort to manage utilizing encouragement, compassion, creativity, freedom and growth, where employees work together to meet individual and common goals that benefit them as well as their business and the community.

The work atmosphere becomes a place for Owners and employees to work together, making a difference in not only their business but in the world around them.     

The advantage of conscious business is that everyone wins, the owners, employees, customers and the community.   Moving from a traditional, bottom-line focused business to a conscious business may seem daunting at first, but it is possible, especially if change begins with the company leadership.  

Conscious business leaders are genuine, authentic, communicative, and focused on serving those around them. They are leaders who see themselves as equals with their employees and customers. Conscious business leaders lead by example, conducting themselves in an authentic and honest approach.   

Dedicate yourself to changing your business management style to a conscious business model and be prepared to improve your bottom line.   

Your transformed perspective cannot help but flow into your personal life, finances and other important relationships. Conscious business is a path to the business and life of your dreams.


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