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Sushovan Chaudhuri asked:

I’m not a guru. I hardly know everything about life, or, for that matter, anything BIG. Besides, my education is pretty less because I couldn’t afford to do any MBA as of now. All I know are little, little things learned from my several real life experiences and the only sense I have is commonsense.



I live simple. I think simpler. And I communicate the simplest. I can only listen to my heart and can just talk my mind. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean that whatever I communicate is always right or ultimate; err is human… and I’m no animal either.



In fact, my English is also not up to the mark. Some people always find follies in my lines (and between the lines). I can understand and appreciate their concern for my language, as I know they do care for me.



But again, as you know, the world is full of careless, casual and unconcerned people; they keep reading my stuff – grammatical errors notwithstanding – so I keep writing for them.



And here goes below yet another non-intellectual, typical homemade lecture of mine, which I have delivered to the content generation team at an esteemed IT organisation, recently –



The problem with the company was the content team was reluctant and not motivated enough to function as a team and as a result their gross-productivity was suffering.



The best and the simplest thing I could to do was offer them – the team members – a 5-mins hearing of my plain and vanilla narration of an ant’s story, which I experienced firsthand.



“Observe an ant. How it reacts to an assignment. For instance: collecting food for home.



“First, an ant approaches to something which it thinks can be its food. To start with, it takes a cautious approach. Once it’s convinced, it gets excited about the prospect of finishing the job. The ant’s body language changes. It gets excited and happy! It Found (the real) FUN in the task in hand.



“But, as you know, no real fun is complete, or, can be enjoyed fully without friends / colleagues / family-members; the ant tries to Get UNITED with others and builds a gang around the food, immediately.



“There on, the ants make a cluster or a huddle; as if they have instantly Developed a COMMUNITY to share and exchange knowledge among them within the community for reaping rich benefits from the project on the cards… that is how to bring home the food, fast and successfully.



“And in the process, the ants KNOW More and Better how to gain maximum from the food and begin their job of taking the food home rather systematically, ensuring the highest productivity as a team.



“That’s all!”



Listening to it, one guy from the content team then asked me, “Sushovan, now can you suggest us a simple law or sutra in a line to sum up this entire motivational stuff, so that we can remember it easily?”



I smiled back and pat came my reply, “Yes, I can. Do remember it as FUCK!”



Find FUN > Get UNITED > Develop COMMUNITY > KNOW More and Better.



Simple. Isn’t it?





Well, the result of this lecture is the company has already observed the rise in motivation in the content team and is expecting higher productivity, very soon. And I’m invited again to open my mouth for them time to time.

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