Being Successful in MLM – How to Position yourself as a Leader MLM Consultant

Daniel Tolmie asked:

Hullo again, I hope you are finding these series of articles helpful to you in your business and giving you some direction which as network marketers we so often desperately need.

You’re starting out in your fantastic new MLM company as a MLM consultant. The two who get two who get two myth lasts about 6 months if you’re stubborn. Then what? Your warm market is gone – your circle of friends has shrunk, and many of them get this ‘fight or flight’ look on their face as you approach them.

What do you do now? Well, you do what a good MLM consultant should have been doing from the start.


Why lead? Well, noone ever FOLLOWED anyone else to success as an MLM consultant. People are looking for someone to follow and you can look for MLM consultant to follow or be the MLM consultant leading the followers. This is NOT about standing up in front of people and giving out long-winded speeches about how great you are.

It’s about positioning yourself as a great mlm consultant with your terrific product. In all honesty, a prospect can buy your product off 6-10 different people, I mean looking at Mona Vie, Usana, Mannatech, Veema, etc… Niche marketing (particularly as in MLM consultant) is very difficult – there are just not really niches left. What the prospect is looking for is a leader, an expert, someone who can help them with their problem.

Noone looks to a follower for advice, help, and most importantly, direction. If you want an average life, do the average thing, and get a 9-5 job. If you want an extraordinary life, be the MLM consultant who directs people who are looking for an answer to their problem and lead them to an answer.

What does a leader MLM consultant do? Well … they;

– Keep going strong when everyone else is faltering.

– They are ready to learn new techniques.

– They work consistently at their business.

– They keep in regular contact with their downline, pepping them up when they’re down.

– They provide systems that their downline can use to be successful.

There are lots more things leaders are, but this is an article, not a book…

You CANNOT be successful as an MLM consultant without being a leader. If you’re not prepared to be one – don’t bother being a MLM consultant to start with.

Now that your bottom lip is sticking out and you’re thinking, ‘But I’m not a leader… *sigh*’ FEAR NOT!! Countless studies have dispelled the myth that a leader is born, not made. Leadership is a skill, like riding a bike. Well, the future is looking brighter, now where do you go to become this all-powerful Leader MLM Consultant??

Well, definitely not to the supermarket.

There are some great MLM consultant training packages out there, you need to sort through and find one that is going to train you about how to be the finest MLM consultant this side of the South Pole. The training package MUST cover these areas;

– how to market your product, not your opportunity.

– how to use the advertising mediums of the written word, telephone and internet.

– how to position yourself as a MLM consultant who is a leader.

Here’s the cool part though. When you have learned how to do steps – and -, and when you do these things, you will automatically become a leader!!

I sense your forehead wrinkling a little.

When you have people ringing you up, wanting your product, they’re looking to you for advice and help with their problem. You are leading them!! You have positioned yourself in a place of authority and knowledge that they do not have. So they turn to you and you lead them to the solution for the their problem.

Your product.

After you have helped countless people solved their problem with your product, then you go buy your small country.


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