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Boston Celtics Playoff Tickets – the Importance of Leadership in the Finals Versus the Los Angeles Lakers

Derek Cowsert asked:

For owners of Boston Celtics playoff tickets, this is a magical time. Boston’s leaders are certainly less experienced when it comes to actual NBA Finals experience. Indeed, Kevin Garnett has been there, as has Sam Cassell, and coach Doc Rivers saw some time as a player. However, they must summon their collective experience and lead this team into a Finals that will see them rekindle one of the greatest sports rivalries of all time. The Lakers are finally back in the Finals, and they are ready to push the Cs to their limits in game one. Their leadership comes in the form of three men who have all been to the NBA Finals many times before – Kobe Bryant, Derek Fisher, and Phil Jackson. If these three men can settle down the rest of the team, who have no Finals experience, then this team has a chance to win the first game and the entire series. Will the Lakers’ more recent championship experience win out? Or will the Celtics prove that home court advantage and pure hunger and desire trump veteran leadership in game one? You’ll have to get your Boston Celtics playoff tickets to find out.

The Celtics are definitely lacking in pure championship leadership. While their coach saw his share of time as a player, he is fairly green as far as coaches go when it comes to playoff experience. He has learned and grown right before our very eyes in this postseason, but he still lacks the championship experience of the opposing coach. While Sam Cassell and KG have some experience in the final round of the playoffs, they haven’t been able to seal the deal, so they must instead focus on their determination and drive. The Celtics have three veteran leaders on this team in Ray Allen, KG and Paul Pierce. Their leadership has led this young team all the way to this point, and there is no reason for anyone to start doubting Boston now. The Boston Three Party is four wins away from an NBA Championship. If they stick with the leadership that brought them here and play their game, they will be raising another banner in the rafters in Beantown very soon.

The Lakers have all the trump cards in this series. Derek Fisher has been an amazing addition to this young team, and his veteran leadership has paid dividends for the Lake show. Though his reasons for coming to the Lakers may have more been that of a relationship of convenience – Fisher’s daughter has cancer and the best doctors are in L.A. – he is now one of the most important pieces in a very efficient team. Phil Jackson is of course the Zen Master. It has been a long, hard road for Phil Jackson, and at times he has clashed with Kobe Bryant – even going so far as to write his tell-all book – but the two have since patched things up, and the team is better than ever, mostly due to the growth of Kobe Bryant. Kobe has taken up the banner of team leader, and he is running away with it. After putting up his first MVP season, Bryant has the Lakers positioned to win it all. Another title will complete his transformation from selfish gunslinger to team unifier and leader.

What are you waiting for? This match-up promises to be a historic NBA Finals no matter what! Get your Boston Celtics playoff tickets right now!



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