Traits of a Leader

Which is the Most Important Trait of a Leader

Akhil Shahani asked:

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”. – John C. Maxwell. Have you ever wondered about what makes a good leader? Why is it that some people can inspire others to greater heights of achievement while the rest leave them cold? Are there any special qualities that these people share?

1. The most critical trait of a leader is self belief. All good leaders know that they have what it takes. They are confident and sure of their ability to face any situation. Contrary to popular belief, these situations may not only be tough ones. Take a simple situation of having to react to public praise – a good leader knows how to graciously accept and move on.

2. Good leaders are never afraid to make decisions. They weigh the pros and cons of the issues at hand and make an informed decision in a timely manner. To enable them make the right decisions, they invest the time in educating themselves about all the important aspects that could affect their business as well as surround themselves with competent and trustworthy people.

3. When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Poise is a much sought after trait of a leader. They have the ability to maintain their composure under trying situations. Indeed, many of them love the challenges posed by tough circumstances and invariably rise to the occasion.

4. Good leaders practice what they preach. They do not expect others to do things that they themselves would not do. They lead by setting an example to their community and followers.

5. While the capacity to understand a problem at a grassroots level is an important trait of a leader, the more critical one is the ability to see the bigger picture and the larger issues underlying the situation. It is this ability that sets them apart from others and helps them become visionaries.

6. Have you ever come across a leader who is a pessimist? Highly unlikely! All leaders possess an undying level of optimism. Where you see a glass half empty, they see it half full. Where you see a glass half full, they see it totally full – half with liquid and the other half with air! It is this optimism that drives them to keep trying until they find success in their mission.

7. Absolute trustworthiness is another

essential trait of a leader. People should be able to rely on him to keep promises made. The one thing that will keep most people from accepting someone as a leader is if they can’t be sure that he will actually take them where he says he will.

Think of the people that you look up to as great leaders, and analyze for yourself the qualities they possessed. Chances are that each of them would have all of these traits to some extent.

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