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Clouded by Beauty-vision

Scot McKay asked:

You’ve no doubt heard the term “tunnel vision” before. When affected by said condition, a person can only focus on one narrow dimension to the exclusion of all else. If you are on the last lap of the Grand Prix de Monaco shadowing Fernando Alonso’s McLaren for the checkered flag as if the Mercedes logo were crosshairs, then tunnel vision is a good thing.

In other areas of life, not so much. If the dessert cart at The Cheesecake Factory instills tunnel vision in you—or the blackjack table at The Mirage—then there’s a distinct possibility that healthy balance will be lost.

And for us guys, the extent to which we focus our attention on a woman’s physical beauty can very easily cause us to lapse into a similar trance.

Call it a state of being “clouded by beauty vision”.

Now allow me to make myself abundantly clear. Guys are wired to desire physically attractive women. I am certainly no exception. By all means we should never, ever “settle” when it comes to spending our time with a woman whom we genuinely find easy on the eyes.

But somewhere along the road of never “settling” in this area, something UNsettling tends to happen. When we encounter any random example of the absolute most physically stunning woman on Earth, it’s mind-bending how often that’s ALL she has to offer us.

It’s not that she isn’t intelligent or otherwise talented as a human being. The issue is simply as I stated it. ALL she has to OFFER a man is her beauty. Having been extended “special treatment” her entire life by the vast majority of men (and perhaps even most women) who kowtow to her every whim, she believes her beauty to be “enough” to get her through life. In her mind, doing the heavy lifting necessary to cultivate character depth or even a hint of a winsome personality isn’t just a low priority, it’s flat-out irrelevant.

After all, her outward beauty carries her through life. Her “social proof” is so indelibly secured as a “beautiful woman” that adding further dimensions to her overall level of sharpness is seen as having no real impact. And indeed, in a shockingly high percentage of instances (notably even in the workforce) it truly doesn’t.

As guys, we may meet such women hoping for more and openly express resentment or even disgust towards this state of affairs. Yet, the ways of the world continue.


Well certainly everyone—man or woman—is ultimately responsible for his or her actions and conduct.

But let’s face it. Women respond to men who LEAD. And we as guys have provided the exact kind of leadership that made this possible. By falling all over ourselves to get close to a pretty woman and cater to her needs, vast numbers of beautiful woman have simply learned to respond accordingly.

And as long as the majority of guys out there gladly hand over all of their dignity to female beauty, the world will continue to revolve as advertised. The crazy part is that since women also demand a man whom they can respect, the perpetuators of this machine are exactly the same guys who largely have ZERO chance at actually succeeding at getting close to a beautiful woman. Go figure.

Lest we believe this is a gender specific thing, consider the male equivalent of what I’m talking about here.

A guy is blessed with having great wealth. Despite whatever else the fabric of his identity is composed of, he finds that when it comes to what people want out of him there’s a distinct common denominator: His money. He soon discovers that whatever his overall demeanor, his ability to manipulate the masses with cold-hard cash remains, for the most part, constant. After all, they are “clouded by dollar vision”. “Mean People Suck?” That’s the mantra of the “little people”. This guy begins to believe that he was born to be a “cash dispenser”, and that becomes enough for him like it long has been for others around him.

But thankfully there are gracious multi-billionaires out there who truly have great depth and make the world a better place wherever they go.

And yes…there are also fantastically beautiful women out there who have the inner character to match. Find such a woman and you discover exactly what why we focus so much on deserving what you want around here. Can you deserve such a woman? Is that even a priority? Or are you ‘clouded by beauty-vision’?

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