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True Wealth Principles of a Top Earning Network Marketer

MJ Sarenas asked:

Ever since I started Network Marketing, I have been on a mission to learn the secrets to how top income earners succeed and why most people who start their network marketing business don’t.

I’m going to share with you some important key principles that only the top marketers in the world truly know, to creating wealth in this changing industry. You can learn all the cutting edge techniques you want to help your business grow, but the truth is, techniques change but principles don’t.

So if you ever desire to grow your down-line massively in your first year, pocket more profits in your business (and still keep your friends!) understanding and applying these principles WILL separate you from the pack. And you know what? People will be coming up to you to find out how you do what you do!

What I have learned from successful network marketers are these common traits they possess despite their own unique story of growing their business. I have outlined a few of these traits or characteristics which you and I can learn and develop over time.

1. They are passionate and truly believe in their product.

Simply put, it is absolutely important to your success that you are a product of the company’s product. So if you do not think your company offers the best products or services you are in the wrong company. Additionally if you do not care nor use the products that your company offers because you just want to make some money, believe it or not, you are in the wrong business.

On the contrary you do not have to be a product expert and/or know everything there is to know about your product or service. The response you will get from the successful leaders is something like, “I am not entirely sure how the product works; all I can tell you is that since I started taking it I feel awesome!” These people use their products everyday and talk to people about their amazing results of using the product. Just be able to give a simple personal testimony of why use it. A good example might be weight loss or overcoming health challenges, or whatever the case may be.

2. They know their WHY and have a plan.

Determine WHY it’s an absolute MUST to achieving your goal – your purpose of doing the business. Really take the time to define what this business means for you to improving your current situation. Begin to create a dream that inspires you – more than you could ever imagine possible for yourself. Because if your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s probably not big enough! As my mentor said, “Dreams are the fuel that give you the motivation you need to put in the extra mile.”

Developing a detailed action plan or game plan is using a specific strategy to setting and achieving your goals. I update and go over my plan every month as I continue to do new things. I have my WHY on the top of the page, then list down all of my prospecting methods I plan to use for that month. Not all successful marketers use the exact method I use but they definitely have a why and a game plan.

3. They understand the importance of being a student.

Keep your dreams big and your knowledge high. Top income earners believe in personal development and are constantly learning and improving themselves! I know this to be true, because I totally believe learning is mental fitness. The concept that success leaves clues is you can learn from your mistakes or from someone else’s mistake. Things that have worked years ago may not necessarily work with today’s technology changing the way it does.

You may consider wanting to change the way you are building your business? Network marketing is just like any other business and is constantly evolving – you need to be also. My mentor told me that what has real meaning, is the person you have to BECOME in order to create the type of income you deserve.

4. They let the tools do the selling.

The biggest problem most people have when starting their business is thinking they need to know everything. From personal experience this has kept me in the analysis of paralysis category. Please don’t let this happen to you!

This really is a business about sorting and sifting and DUPLICATION. It is not a sales business. What is required of you is to point people in the right direction and let your marketing tools give them the information they need to make an informed decision. You will get either a yes or a no, and that is all there is to it.

The only time you will have a problem is when you try to explain it all to them. Having the business presentation recorded on CD or DVD will help build a big business. Top income earners are rarely experts on their company’s compensation plans or even their products! They are more like consultants, constantly guiding people to the right information in the form of websites, customer support lines, DVDs etc. whenever answering to questions.

5. They never quit!

This is the most obvious one out of all the others, because once you quit it’s all over! People don’t fail, they just quit. You will find that there is not one top income earner in the industry who has not had a rocky start. People do overestimate what they can accomplish in 90 days and yet drastically underestimate what they can accomplish in 5 years time.

You may have known of where two people will come into the industry, one earning a top income while the other is blaming the company for their lack in success. Yet they are in the same company with the same compensation plan dealing with the same market!

This business does not have to be nearly as hard as most people make it out to be. Give yourself a chance to succeed by not giving up, and then success is yours. Learn from people’s mistakes and develop these traits so hopefully it won’t be such a big learning curve for you! However brief, master these principles and believe in your success!

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