Conflict Resolution

Solution of Major Family Problems

Andrew asked:

Some parents make a decision to keep their children who go to public school from taking part in activities which are considered as potentially spiritually compromising one including a Halloween parade. If it is the time when a child refuses to participate, there is a need to contact his parents to confirm the refuse. This child should be allowed not to participate on a routine basis if the case is confirmed. To plan for future one has to find out also what are the other holidays which are not celebrated in the family.

A substitute for this child should be found if he had a part in Halloween parade to make sure that parade and party run smoothly. Lastly, to ensure that the child continues to psychologically feel well in the society he has to explain the reasons why he does not participate to the classmates himself.

Movie “Family Relations” (1996) shows three siblings, relations with their mother, and with each other. The film progresses through a usual conversation; while movie itself depicts four hours of family life and it is set in real settings. For this family Friday nights are only the family nights. There are no developing events in this movie, excepting the relationships between members of the family that are revealed in a dialogue, picking on old events in the history of this family continues it.

The siblings pick on each other more aggressively when their mother appears. She does not try to resolve the conflict – she simply continues to flow and becomes a silent witness. Lack of intervention in children’s lives – is a large mistake. She has to be actively involved in their life and at least try to resolve some ongoing conflicts. All the family should stop living in the past – not forgiven grievances are breaking their happy future. As none of school workshop can be used to help in such conflict resolution, certain family consulting services, for example personal counseling for mother and for all of the family members–certainly can contribute to family stability.

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