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Transformers Cybertron Megatron – Decepticon Leader

Michael Black asked:

Transformers Cybertron Megatron is the the Decepticon’s leader, a

Transformers robot who transforms originally into a Walther P38.

Very much like his main rival Optimus Prime, Megatron is given wide

exposure in the Transformers Universe due to his role as the evil

leader he is. “Megatron” is a name made by the combination of

two words: Megaton and Electronic. In the beginning, Hasbro, the

Transformers toy manufacturers had issues with the name since it

implied danger, sounding like some kind of lethal weapon.

However it was agreed for the name to remain Megatron since the

leader of the villains just had to reasonably have this destructive


Megatron is practically flawless and notably uncompassionate. His

transformation is that of a really powerful cannon gun that can

blast off an entire block with just one shot. Furthermore, he can

also merge his weapon to some type of black hole, leveraging its

power even more. Such force is so strong that he can use it to

destroy a small planet. This skill is almost never employed by

Megatron because it absorbs too much energy and stamina leaving

him an easy target to his opponents.

Additionally Transformers Cybertron Megatron has a barrel weapon

on his back and he can also transform his right hand with an

energy cannon. If that isn’t enough, he can also blast electrical

charges from his fingers and laser rays from his eyes. Strategically,

Megatron can also reprogram computers with a special device from

his head. When transforming into a Walther P38 he can assume

many sizes making it possible for another Decepticon or maybe

even human-being to use him as a hand weapon. In one exciting

episode he maintains full size and connects to Starscream, making

him a major threat for the Autobots.

Megatron has been interpreted by some as being a strategic

mastermind, while others claim he’s a battlefield strategist who

brutally destroys and sets an example. As opposed to many

fictional villains who characterize themselves by being fanatically

evil without a cause, Megatron is known to have some sort of

reasoning that lead him to make decisions, even if he was only

making sense to himself one time or another.

Curiously there have been some special events in which Megatron

shows his appreciation for fairness in combat and sometimes even

shows himself honorable. His utterly complex relationship with

Optimus Prime is just one example of such traits. Both leaders

show the utmost respect for one another, maybe because they

know each other so well. Transformer Cybertron Megatron

certainly seems to enjoy his complex relationship with Optimus,

sometimes taking it to such extents as to help Optimus with life

threatening situations. In his mind, it’s him and only him who can

put an end to Prime, leader of the Autobots. It’s been said that the

two could be considered best friends if it where not for such

diametrically opposing points of view.

Transformer Cybertron Megatron’s technical specifications state

that he has no weakness at all. However, he is not invincible and

can be beaten by his enemies. Due to his massive powers and

abused confidence Megatron always seems to miss an important

detail in combat, often causing him to retreat his troops from

combat. A key factor contributing to the majority of his losses is his

poor and harsh relationships with his own comrades. Megatron’s

top achievement is to conquer Cybertron and to accomplish this he

must conquer it at all costs, even if that means the massive

destruction of other celestial bodies.


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