Team Selling Helps You Serve Clients Better & Achieve Better Results

Larry Easto asked:

Team selling refers to arrangements in which several agents work together with each individual performing specific functions.


One Realtor would be responsible for sales, another acting as buyer’s agent, while a third agent might find prospective clients and maintain contact with current clients.


Better Client Service


Team selling offers better service for clients.


Purchasers have the benefit of working with dedicated buyer’s agents whose primary responsibility is finding homes for clients. Similarly, owners will benefit from the work of team members who look after marketing their homes.


Agents who concentrate on either selling or buying properties become more specialized–and better-at the work they perform for clients. This results in better client service. And with more agents serving individual clients, there will always be some one readily available to respond to client questions or concerns.


Once again, this adds value and increases the quality of the service that clients receive.


Team Member Benefits


Frequently new agents experience some success at selling, but have trouble sustaining this success.


Team-selling offers new agents the opportunity to learn sustainable sales and marketing practices from more experienced agents. Working as part of a team allows them to learn more quickly and easily.


And because operating expenses are shared, it is often less costly for newer agents to start their careers.


With more agents serving clients, each person’s work is specialized. As a result, working as part of a group, you can provide better service to clients.


Because there is usually a team member available to help clients, individual agents will have more non-working time.


Team Marketing


Team marketing plans are essential. The overall plan defines team goals and what actions will be taken to achieve these goals. The plan also identifies what each member must do to implement these strategies.


Team members also require their own personal marketing plans. Each member’s plan sets out the details of the contribution that he or she will make to the team’s overall success.


This allows individual team members to concentrate on their own work knowing that other members are also doing their agreed work.


All in all, every one-clients and individual team members– benefits from agents working as part of a team. That’s the big benefit of team-selling.


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