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Distance Learning PhD nursing programs are designed to prepare nurses to serve the community in innovative ways. The courses aim at expanding and broadening the scope of nursing and rehabilitation services in traditional areas of practice and advancing the research base. Most of these courses are directed towards post professional education of nurses. The distance education program makes use of an optimal combination of formats and media to reach out and deliver content to the student.

Course Content

Distance learning PhD nursing programs emphasize the discipline of nursing through an examination of historical development, legal and professional regulations, conceptual models and theories, research theory and practice, clinical reasoning and ethical principles. The program generally includes theory development, domain knowledge development and research and statistics concepts. The student will be able to critique, use, test and develop theory from nursing perspectives at the end of the course. The domain knowledge development will help them focus on substantive areas of knowledge unique to nursing particularly in areas of human health, environment, relationships, health disparities, directed self care and effective care. The statistics section of the course will include statistical analyses, research design, data collection and measurement. Synchronous and asynchronous methods of program communication are used to reach the students located across the globe.

Colleges and Universities Offering PhD Programs

The College of Allied Health and the Department of Occupational Therapy at NSU offer distance learning PhD nursing programs. These programs require that the student has a Bachelor or a Master in nursing. If the student does not have the necessary certification, he is expected to acquire the certification before entering the program. However, if the student is a graduate from the Nova Southeastern University and has a good GPA he is guaranteed direct admission. The Texas Women’s University College of Nursing has one of the oldest doctoral programs in the country. The program provides internet based courses and on campus activities. The Wyane State University College of Nursing adopts an asynchronous mode of teaching for the convenience of working nurses. The UCSF School of Nursing offers a Doctor of Philosophy Program in Nursing for students seeking advanced studies in nursing practice, research or teaching.

The variety of online distance learning PhD nursing programs available makes the selection of the course difficult for the student. However, the student should keep in mind that some of these courses involve on campus activity and proximity to place of work may have to be considered a determining factor in the selection of the course.

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