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Joe asked:

Team Building is not a task as tedious as it is thought to be. In team building:

1. One should not go too much in the technical details. ie. seeing and analysing too much details about the candidate

2. One should follow his heart and then too be in the limits of professionalism. This can be done this way – for example – you know a prospective person whom you think can handle the task but you also have met another person who is more technically qualified to do the task. In this case, you should always see if the person whom you are considering for the team should have an inbuild spirit to at least follow what you say and add a bit of his own brains in such a way that you succeed. Meaning – that he should have his own brains and not just blindly follow what you say

3. You should always think that the person you are selecting does not say too much yes sir and no sir. The less he says ‘yes sir’ and ‘no sir’ and he more he is comfortable and relaxed way he behaves with you, the more you should put his chances up to be in your team.

4. The person should often prompt you if what you say about something is wrong. You can try this while selection. Try to say some wrong things infront of him/her and ask him/her if it is correct. If he/she says ‘yes sir’, then immediately disqualify him/her. If he/she says that its wrong, then keep him in your good books.

5. The best thing to see if the person in your team is a good fella or not and will proceed as long as you will through your mission, then you should ask him about nationalism, ask him if he is a nationalist, and if he loves his nation. If he replies in the affirmative, then he is a great contender. But remember some do cheat in this test. For this always do ask them some nationalist questions.

6. And the last thing is that always know about the family history of a person, because a saddist wont do you any good for you. Always know the family history through multiple sources.


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