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Team Building: a Magical Practice for the Growth of Organization

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An organization is nothing but amalgamation of people working together to accomplish specific goals. It is an entity that has a distinct purpose and includes people or members who have some type of deliberate structure. Each organization works for distinct purposes and these purposes are typically expressed in terms of goals that the organization endeavors to accomplish. One person working alone cannot be classed as an organization because an organization essentially comprises of people. Working together is very important for any organization to reach its desired goals.

Team building plays a vital role in the growth of any organization as it provides ways to work together and thus raising the work spirit and strengthening relationships within the workplace. Team building is important not only for the immediate experience of the activities performed by the team but also for the group skills, communication and bonding that results thereafter.

Team building generally refers to the collection of team play activities. These activities play a vital part in team building by development and collective motivation. As a result of this teams become result oriented and more productive.Team building is pursued via a variety of practices such as group self assessment and group dynamic games. However in some cases these practices sit within the confines of organizational development manuals and are seldom implemented. The process of team building encompasses goal clarification, building ownership across the team, and identifying inhibitors to teamwork. Removing or overcoming inhibiting factors plays a crucial role in team building. Mitigating the negactive effect of such factors in situations where they cannot be removed is a must.

The main objective of the team is to make each team player unique and work towards the improvement of their inherent potential. In order to accomplish organizational goals, it is imperative that team players identify their own working style, areas for improvement and the working style of other team members. Learning new things to improve efficiency and productivity, adopting appropriate working style to maximize team advantage, and learning to switch styles when needed is necessary.

Team building helps in enhancing productivity, motivation and assists in creating a better bond amongst team members. Participating in team building exercises would help employees in breaking down political and personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and have fun. The benefits of team building programs are limitless and most of organizations are already involved in team building exercises. Some of the benefits associated with team building are as follow:

Improves morale and leadership skills.

Helps organizations in identifying obstacles that hinder creativity.

Assists in clearly defining the objectives and goals of any organization.

Helps to improve working processes and procedures.

Facilitates the process of identification of strengths and weaknesses of each team members.

Improves the ability to resolve problems easily.

Enhances organizational productivity.


Team building practices not only helps organizations to beat targets and achieve goals effectively, but also improves relationships within the workplace. Powerful team building allows organizations to accomplish deliverables effectively by enabling staff at all levels of work.

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