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Success in Business With the Law of Attraction

Beth & Lee McCain asked:

Are you applying the Law of Attraction successfully to your business? By changing just a few thoughts and feelings, you can have the business you have always dreamed of. It may sound too easy to be true, but believe it or not, changing a few thought patterns can make the difference between having a successful business, versus one that struggles and fails.

When using the Law of Attraction intentionally for your business, make sure to have a clear picture of what it is that you want your business to be. This includes how much money you want to make, what you want to sell, how many customers you would like to have, anything that you can think of to make the image of your business clear. If you have a problem with believing the clear image, then start with any smaller success in your business. Once you see your first image of your business come true, you’ll have the confidence in a larger plan.

Sometimes we imagine huge financial numbers with a clear image and the logical normal mind can’t fathom making those kinds of numbers. If this is the case, start with smaller numbers that you can halfway believe and then work on your trust in the Universe. Once you achieve the first number you envisioned, you’ll be on your way to the dream business you have always wanted.

Make sure to envision your successful business everyday. If you have a partner, envision together and imagine you are living your wonderful business right now. It can’t hurt for you to ‘pretend’ for a few minutes each day; like you are already living your dream. These thoughts and feelings will build your successful business and the Universe will match those vibrations with the true physical manifestation.

You can take care of the clear image, and the trust. Let the Universe take care of the ‘how’. Micro managing the Universe will only bring you situations and people that match the micro management vibration, meaning you will likely become micro managed by the bank, credit card companies, vendors, and anyone else you do business with. You don’t appreciate micro management, and neither does the Universe.

Be aware of the opportunities that the Universe will bring to you and your business. Many people miss the subtle hints that the Universe hands to you to help your business, like the arrival in your mailbox of a flyer relevant to your business, or an unexpected call from a buyer who is looking for exactly your particular product in blue. (Paint those products blue fast!) The Universe is on your side, but it has no biased opinion. The Universe brings what you focus on via your thoughts and your feelings. If you constantly focus on the lack of business, that is what you will receive; a lack of business. Why not focus on having a business full of abundance.

What do you do when you encounter a day full of negatives in your business? Stay on the straight path of the positive. Remember your clear image, and that the Universe is taking care of it. The negative day was just a result of past thoughts and feelings. Know that when you have more positive days the negative days will lessen. Then one day you will wake up and realize that your business is exactly as you had imagined by intentionally applying the Law of Attraction.

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