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Dr. Anita Defoe Speaks About Women in Leadership

Dr. Anita Davis-DeFoe asked:

Females Now Dominating Key Marketing Positions In Jamaica….Trend expected to grow across the Caribbean

If you take the time to make a cursory look inside any corporate Jamaican company invariable you’ll find a female heading the marketing team. Young, academically qualified, professional and well paid; these women are taking over positions, long held by men. It’s no wander that in Celebration of March, Women’s History Month and the legacy women leaders are creating all across the Caribbean, noted AUTHOR, LIFE STRATEGIST, MOTIVATIONAL TEACHER, CAREER COACH, GENDER EXPERT, LEADERSHIP EXPERT AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENUER Dr. Anita Davis-Defoe, PH.D. convened fifty marketing leaders at “Marketing Leadership with Panache.”

From 7:00am – 11:00am, on March 28th, 50 of the country’s most innovative women leaders from across Jamaica, currently holding senior marketing positions joined Dr. DeFoe at the Terra Nova Hotel, on Waterloo Road in Kingston. This leadership soiree provided a creative and expressive forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences.

Commenting further on this historic event, Dr. Davis-Defoe said, “Marketing Leadership with Panache seeks to foster unity and harmony among female professionals as they seek to unleash the greatness within through the “Seven Pillars of Leadership Excellence”. Defoe shared seven characteristics of visionary women leaders who are vehicles for change, sowing seeds of hope in their communities and within the organizations that they lead.

The synergy and dialogues which occured at this event inspired women leaders on all levels of the organizational hierarchy to continue harnessing their talents in pursuit of both personal and career goals. This event offered a unique opportunity for women to further develop, share and reinforce leadership competencies; expand their sphere of influence through networking, and extend their access to knowledge through collaborative affiliation.

With over 20 years of experience motivating, coaching, inspiring and transforming youth, adults and organizations, Dr. Anita Davis-Defoe has crafted and implemented myriad programs aimed at assisting people of all ages to discover their inner greatness and unique strengths.

Women in attendance shared a lively dialogue with Miss Jamaica Universe 2008 contestants, discussing leadership challenges and opportunities for women in today’s global world. .

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