Micro Management

Success in Business With the Law of Attraction

Beth & Lee McCain asked: Are you applying the Law of Attraction successfully to your business? By changing just a few thoughts and feelings, you can have the business you have always dreamed of. It may sound too easy to be true, but believe it or not, changing a few thought patterns can make the […]

Feedback and Rewards

Why Employees Leave

Ross Blake asked: One of the questions we’re frequently asked by employers of all types, including those in different countries, is “Why do employees leave?” Here are 10 of the most common reasons employees leave; we haven’t ranked them in their order of importance with the exception of the first one, which is usually the […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Betting Euro 2008 – Exciting Way to Earn Money

Article Manager asked: Is it possible to earn money by just sitting at home? Yes, of course. Soccer betting is one of the most treasured options available to earn good amount of money by just sitting at home. An internet user can easily make the money by betting for Euro 2008. Several sites are available […]