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John McKinnon asked:

What is it that has set the great leaders and entrepreneurs of the world apart from the rest of the world? You know what I’m talking about- the truly remarkable ones that have made their mark on the world. Sam Walton didn’t create the Wal-Mart Empire overnight, and he certainly didn’t do it alone. He had a group of quality employees working for him, a group that both respected and admired Mr. Walton and of his accomplishments. He is a prime example of possessing the right leadership styles and skills to get the job done, and created and kingdom in the process.

Of course, success means different things to different people; therefore the personal definition of leadership must also be different. The dictionary lists the word “leadership” as the ability to or the activity of leading. Ronald Reagan, one of the most respected presidents that the United States ever had (with one of the highest approval ratings to boot), watched a nation suffer with double digit unemployment for years. Napoleon was a great leader, and so was Attila the Hun, but neither of them was liked very much by those they led, but were either respected or frightened into following as they did. “Ruling with an iron fist” is what these gents did best, but this means demanding respect as a form of leadership is not the best way for everyone. You need to find what will work best for you, your needs and your goals. The big trick is to find them.

We’ve all heard the proverbs like “There is no “I” in T-E-A-M” and “We can’t Spell “SUCCESS” without “U”. Motivational speakers around the globe are always speaking of believe, conceive, and achieve. And while these all seem to make sense, it can be tough to put these tidbits of information and proverbial quotes to work and attain the results that we’re looking for, and there’s only so much room in the business world for trial and error. So what exactly are those of us climbing up the corporate ladder or building our own rung-by-rung supposed to do?

A plan needs to be created, filled with different ideas from different angles. Timelines need to be set with as much detail as possible. Finally, a goal needs to be deciphered amongst it all, one that is reasonable and undoubtedly achievable. If the plan isn’t working for one reason or another, you must be able to switch to a different route without disruption, as disruption can cause chaos, which can set you farther back from where you started.

There are a number of quality websites out there designed for the sole purpose of relaying quality information and ideas about leadership and the business world, passing on information on a plethora of shapes and forms, all which has worked for so many. By taking one idea from one success story and another idea from the next, you’ll be sure to create your own plan and story of success.

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