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A problem many webmasters are now facing is how to analyze the great amount of website traffic their websites get and how to analyze it in order to better manage the performance of websites and web pages among the great competition on the World Wide Web. As a result, many companies now offer statistics tool to help developers solve this problem.

Generally, statistics tools are versions of statistics counters for a given website. As demand grows however, the range of these tools is constantly expanding so that webmasters are offered a wider choice for managing the websites. While many companies see this as a unique market opportunity to generate revenue by offering paid packages of statistics tools, interest is mostly focused on providers of statistics counters that provide these services free of charge.

A pioneer in this area is, which is a free invisible stats tracking website that allows customers to track multiple web sites for free. The aim of the website’s creators is to offer webmasters a free way to accurately track multiple websites from a single location. generates revenue primarily through advertising on its website, and tries to constantly upgrade the tools it offers with new features that make the job of web developers much easier. All customers need to do is sign in for a free account, develop a project, and enter a code provided by Apart from benefiting from a wide range of free services, they can also receive a weekly report on the performance of their websites.

The range of free statistics tools which are available on free membership accounts is indeed wide. It includes highly detailed recent statistics, all time totals and counts, visitors online now, country and language pairs, screen resolutions, clicked links, keyword activity, time-based graphs, detailed visits reports and summaries, multiple site management, and many others. is aiming to expand the free statistics tools it offers even more. It is currently developing over 50 new webmaster tools for customers, which they will be able to embed into their websites and web pages. These are generally grouped into three wide categories, search engines, domain checkups, and HTML, depending on what aspect of statistics counter options they target, as well as a number of other tools, such as Anonymous E-Mailer, Online Calculator, Unix Time Converterer, Google Adsense Preview, Link Shortener, List Cleaner, and many others.

If customers of would like the company to offer other free statistics tools which would benefit all webmasters, they can file their suggestions and the team will develop them.

Now available in 5 common languages including English, is a remarkable example of how an industry which was virtually inexistent just a few years ago is now what makes websites grow, develop, and thrive.


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