Leadership Mistakes

Overcoming Apathy With the Power of Choice

David Byrd asked:

Our choices can make or break us. We either enjoy the benefits or suffer the consequences of our choices. In fact, our lives represent the cumulative impact of the choices we make.


Through experience, I have discovered that the power of choice is more defined by level of awareness than by level of intelligence. The power of choice counterbalances the forces of apathy with a heightened level of awareness regarding the cumulative impact of productive choices. That awareness consistently pushes you beyond any self-imposed, unproductive comfort zones.


There are three choices that will determine the quality of your future and the effectiveness of your leadership — choices that you can make to overcome apathy:


The Choice of Attitude — Attitude is a choice, not a gimmick. A positive attitude is a predetermined and proactive habit of thought dominated by faith, hope, optimism, and courage. But the forces of apathy, if left unchecked, consistently drive our attitudes to the secure comfort zone of fear. You can control your responses to fear by changing the way you think. Remember, attitude is a choice. Your attitude can be driven by fear or courage — it is your choice.



The Choice of Action — Action is a choice, not a smokescreen. It is not how much you do but the effectiveness of what you do that counts. The forces of apathy consistently encourage us to use our actions as a smokescreen so that we can look busy and avoid mistakes and measurable results. But effective leaders use the power of choice to always choose effective actions. You can make the choice to never use comfortable activity as a smokescreen in order to avoid effective actions.



The Choice of Accountability — Accountability is a choice, not a crutch. It pushes you beyond your self-imposed limitations. You possess an infinite supply of potential, just beyond your comfort zone. Doing more of the same will never raise you to another level. If you want your life to be filled with abundance and significance, never allow yourself the comfort of an excuse. Accountability eliminates all excuses. It is your choice.


Your choices regarding attitude, action, and accountability will determine the quality of your life and leadership. You must choose, so choose wisely.


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