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Do you Know Success of Call Center Depends on Agents “sound” Affects

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Even you have a good customer services and the good policy but the success of the call centers depends on the agents. The agents are the first person to make a contact with the customers. The sound or voice of agents has a direct result on the degree of satisfaction that customers rate your company. Often customers equate vocal skills with intelligence, interest in problem-solving and complete understanding of the situation of the caller.

With proper short-term training and long-term coaching,call center agents can achieve proper vocal excellence. Most people think that how they speak as an adult is part of their personality and not a physical skill set that they can change. That is not true. Through vocal coaching, the agent’s vocal ease and ability to be clearly understood without physical strain can be achieved. We learn our sound, our speech, and our vocal image from our environment.

Call Center Managers and Supervisors must invest in the vocal skills of all agents – whether they have discernable problems or not. Enhanced self-confidence and greater ability to concisely deliver the corporate message is an investment that will pay dividends for the agent, manager, and corporation.

There is no shame in needing this extra skill set to be learned and practiced. Many of the “basics” of education have been overlooked in the last several decades of progressive education. The skills of reading and comprehension are often discussed, but the lack of proper vocal training in pre-school and throughout elementary grades has all but disappeared from the curriculum.

Call Center budgets are so focused in attaining the latest in IT technology and software for scheduling, scripting, up-selling, and process training for agents, but without the ability to properly speak and to be successful in vocally deliver of the message, the desired results may not be attainable. One way to raise the level of personal performance of the call center agent is by utilizing the skills of a professional vocal trainer.

The ability to be able to speak with the proper vocal skills for 6-8 hour shifts does not entirely rest on the agents’ vocal skills or lack thereof. Part of poor vocal performance is related to physical posture, work-space ergonomics, and facility environment. With a brief evaluation of the call center facility, and by utilizing some fairly easy recommendations, in conjunction with formalized Vocal Training, can vastly improve the performance of the agents, but also will translate into greater employee satisfaction.

The essence of Vocal Empowerment is made up of 5 Elements of Effective Voice: Interest, Clarity, Authority, Language, and Listening. When these skills are mastered and become second nature in daily speech, confidence and success follow.

Interest : Interest is an intellectual skill requiring that you orchestrate the rhythms of agents sound.

Clarity: Clarity is a physical skill requiring the use of an active, exercised mouth.

Authority : Authority is an emotional skill that expresses credibility about what agents are speaking. Requiring self-confidence and cleanly executed emotional and physical choices.

Language: Language is the process of being able to respond to others with words and phrases which demonstrate interest, are clearly understood, and are informative, knowledgeable and helpful in evoking a sense of authority.

Listening: Listening is an act of respect and openness to others.

The success of call center, the job satisfaction of agent staff and company’s customer image are dependent on the ability to attain VOCAL EMPOWERMENT for agents.

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