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Blue Jays Tickets – Watch the New Team Take the Field

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Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Blue Jays tickets sell like hot cakes as the team enjoys mass popularity and has a great fan following. Blue Jays are a professional baseball team and are members of the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball American League. Also known as “The Jays”, the name of the team originates from the name of a bird of the same name.

The Uniform colors of the Blue Jays include white, blue, silver, graphite and black and the logo consisted of the Blue Jays emerging out of the J. The teams’ motto is “It’s always game time”.

Origin And History Of The Blue Jays

The team came into existence in the year 1976 and the franchise was owned by Labatt Breweries with the major share and Imperial Trust and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce as small holders. The team played its first game on April 7, 1977 against the Chicago White Sox which they won. However the win was the teams’ only success out of the 54 games played in the same year. In 1978 the team improved its performance but remained last with their record of 59-103. In 1980, the team’s original manager Roy Hartsfield was replaced by Bobby Mattick. Under Mattick the team’s performance improved with a 14-win over the previous year.

The team’s performance further improved under the aegis of the team’s new manager Bobby Cox in 1982 and with some of the good players like pitcher Dave Stieb. Jim Clancy and Luis Leal and the outfielder Lloyd Moseby and Jesse Barfield. The team won against the Baltimore Orioles improving their performance in the year 1983. The teams’ performance further improved in 1984 but they still stood a distant second behind Detroit Tigers, the World Series champion.

In 1985 the team won their first championship – The American League East Division title. The years 1986-1988 did not prove to be very fruitful for the team. In 1989, the SkyDome opened in the middle of the season for the team and they played their first game in the newly inaugurated stadium against the Milwaukee Brewers only to lose the same.

Outstanding Performances And Historical Happenings Of Blue Jays

The Blue Jays are the first team to win a World Series in Canada and also the first and only team outside the United States to win the World Series in the year 1992 and 1993. The team was also one of the first Major League Club to draw over 4 million fans in just one season helping push the sale of Blue Jays tickets. The year 1993 saw the team acquire some- the Blue Jays had seven All-Stars: outfielders Devon White and Joe Carter, infielders John Olerud and Roberto Alomar, starting pitcher Pat Hentgen, designated hitter Molitor and closer Duane Ward. The team lost in 1994 despite the huge expectations and dropped to a 55-6 record. In 1995 again the team’s performance dipped adversely affecting the attendance and also the sale of Blue Jays tickets after they lost to Boston Red Fox.

The Blue Jays have had their highs and lows during their professional career. Many times the team has faced attendance problems. However, the team has also witnessed one of the record attendances as well when the Blue Jays tickets have been in huge demand. One can even book Blue Jays tickets online with an authorized ticket broker without having to stand in long queues. What’s more! One can book the tickets anytime, anywhere right from the comfort of one’s home!

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