Be a Life Giving Dynamo – the Path to Work From Home Business Success

Chris Curwen asked:

In order to achieve real work from home business success you are going to need successful relationships…plain and simple.

It is going to be almost impossible for you to realize your dreams by going after them alone; you needn’t be an individual in the world of business.

To achieve successful growth in your relationships with others, one way is to be life-giving to all whom you come into contact with.

Quite simply whenever we meet a person, we either give their life a boost or drain life from them; it’s either one or the other.

I’m sure you know exactly where I’m coming from yes? You must know at least one person, at least I hope you do, who you feel stimulated by just by spending time with them. After your time with that person is over you feel invigorated and completely energized ready to take on the world.

On the flip side of this there are some people who simply sap you of your bounce, and your drive. If you desire to achieve untold work from home business success, it’s an obvious question when I ask: Which type of people do you believe you should spend more time with and which less time?

Speak with any successful person and you will find that these people are like a walking dynamo, able to recharge and lift your spirit.

How can you become a more life giving dynamo? One of the many ways is to begin offering praise, to commend people.

By praising people you are driving positive energy into that person, you are lifting their confidence levels, raising their level of motivation, and this will raise their self-esteem.

This change isn’t just apparent in them, no; you will feel a change in you and in your relationship with that person.

What’s very important to understand at this point is that you mustn’t go around offering your praise as if it were confetti at your best friends wedding! No, what you must do is honestly search for and commend positive characteristics and deeds of those around you. Never deceive anybody.

If that person is in the wrong, help them to correct it, when they have achieved something right and just, that’s when you should offer your praise and admiration.

Chris…can you help me to understand ways I can start to praise people and what the benefits would be?

Great question and I’m so glad that you asked.

Let’s start with the benefits:

1) Firstly, once we get into the habit of offering due praise – emphasis on the word ‘due’ – your relationships begin to develop and prosper and your work from home business success depends on those valuable relationships forming. It all takes us and that person that little bit further down the road of success.

All great leaders have the power to positively influence and energize their followers…often in an instant. The amazing Al Pacino locker room speech in the film ‘Any Given Sunday’ is one of the best examples of leadership I’ve ever seen. Within 4 minutes he takes a room full of grown men from having their head in their hands to literally tearing the locker room door off of its hinges. Amazing leadership.

As a great leader, your greatest influence in the lives of your followers will be determined by your ability to raise people to the bar, to have them willingly fight their way into the light.

2) Your relationship grows in strength. The new-found loyalty that person you praised now has for you – because you showed them that you are there ‘for them’ – builds that strength.

3) Joyful, more accomplished people. Napoleon Hill once wrote: ‘There is but one dependable method of accumulating and legally holding riches and that is by providing useful service.’ Be that service unto others, help them to raise their game – they will often welcome it with open arms and in so doing, you will raise your own game and chances of work from home business success.

It would not be a wasted life to simply invest in the lives of all whom we touch by praising and positively influencing them. This is what is honest, right and just. There are always going to be an abundance of energy destroyers, instead be the one who keeps people at the top.

Now how you can actually do the praising:

Firstly, what you need to focus on with other people is their positive characteristics. For example, who do you know who is cheerful, dedicated, or genuine? Make a start by bringing their characteristics to their attention, stating that you respect them highly for it. Congratulate them. Thank them for bringing extra goodness into this world.

Probably the best way that you can do this is by doing it face-to-face with the person. To simply send them an email for example you are taking the lazy route and it looses heaps of effectiveness. Face-to-face takes literally seconds to complete and over time the outcome is truly inspiring.

Take deliberate action on this sooner rather than later, don’t just let this slide. Even if you are paying somebody to complete a task for you, the money isn’t 100% of the reward that you should give them for a job well done. Add to that a few kind well thought over words, you’ll find that the respect they have for you will sky rocket because fairly often you may be the only one thanking them face-to-face.

Start today; spread your message of praise where it is warranted. Be the life giving dynamo that is so much needed in the work related arena and witness the growth in your work from home business success.

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