Improving Team performance

6 Qualites of an Excellent Team and 14 Outstanding Qualities for Team Building Coaches

Larry Lipman asked:

1. Constant and never-ending improvement is encouraged:

team days, team retreats, motivational seminars, refresher courses, strategy sessions, creative workshops, appreciation days.

2. Leadership is shared among the whole team with a variety of leadership styles encouraged.

3. Open communication with team issues is vital for team growth. Conflict is not suppressed. Managing conflict improves team performance.

4. Team mission statements, goals, and vision are created by the team and held accountable by the team.

5. Do we ask for Feedback? Feedback clarifies the team direction, helps evaluate team performance, strengthens leadership, and promotes leadership.

6. Catch people doing things right!

14 Outstanding Qualities for Team Building Coaches

• Mentoring – Choose strong role models and be one to others.

• Laughing – Laugh at yourself…and with others…and often.

• Empathizing – Put yourself in the other person’s shoes

• Inspiration – Find a hero, model them, stretch yourself, and share your gifts.

• Vulnerability – “I’m sorry.” “I was wrong.” “I recommit.”

• Researching – Go to book stores, listen to tapes, use the Internet,

hang out with wiser people, attend workshops, etc.

• Reflecting – What have you learned? What will you do differently?

• Criticizing – Be open to constructive criticism. It has the potential to

teach us.

• Communicating – Ask, ask, ask. Listen, listen, listen. People cannot

read our minds.

• Risk-taking – Attempt new approaches. Let go of old attitudes.

Put your beliefs on probation.

• Assessing – What is important in your life? Who is important in your life?

What really matters?

• Goal Setting – Make measurable and put a time limit.

• Making Time – You make time for stuff or you make excuses.

• CANI – “constant and never-ending improvement” (from Tony Robbins)

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