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Human Resources Manager Vis-a-vis Motivational Climate

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Now-a-days, there is a growing significance attached to Human Resources(HR) manager due to the opening up of economy, due to the growing liberalization, uncontrolled economy and also due to the fast changing global business environment. In the past, he was mostly treated as an executive involved in conducting picnics and parties in the organization, apart from the traditional role of dealing with all aspects of employees from recruitment to retirement. From the last two decades, there was gradually more emphasis of HR manager involving in the institution building. He is considered as an integral part of the institution and he participates in the formulation of the organization strategy and policy on par with any other line manager. He plays a pivotal role in meeting the organizational goals and objectives.

One of the challenging areas for an HR manager is to maintain a motivational climate within the organization so as to ensure better productivity and performance. He needs to ensure a healthy, positive, vibrant, constructive, creative climate so that the employees get motivated and in turn deliver best possible results. Earlier, organizations laid stress on technology only and neglected the most precious capital i.e. human resources. It is a well admitted fact that there is always a man behind the machine. Whatever the inventions made by man leading to technological revolution, brought drastic changes in the day to day quality of work, life styles etc., It proves beyond doubt that it is the man who calls the shots everywhere despite marvelous growth in technology as the technology is again in the hands of the man.

Several ways and means are adopted to keep the employees moving in the right direction so as to meet organizational goals and objectives. Different people get motivated by different ways depending upon their needs. The HR manager must be able to find out the basic needs and wants of the employees so that right ambience can be ensured for effective output. Apart from the regular pay and perks, the employees expect incentives which are both monetary and non-monetary from time to time from the organization.

The financial incentives basically offered in the industry are, compensation based on performance, compensation based on competence, stock options, rewards, group bonus etc., When an employee delivers better results within a stipulated time frame by exceeding the given standards it can be termed as compensation based on performance. For instance, when an employee is expected to produce 90 units, with in the allotted working hours and if he produces 100 units, then the employee is compensated with the amount for 10 units by way of monetary benefit. Similarly, when an employee delivers better, he can also be compensated by way of additional bonus. In the case of a small scale industry, when an employee contributes his best with his hard work, determination and dedication and enhances the profits of the company, then the management takes notice of his sincere efforts and motivates him by giving either a stake in the company or give away a percentage of their annual profits.

When the employee at the higher level management demonstrates his extraordinary leadership qualities by resolving the conflicts either amongst the employees or between the management and employee, he can be offered monetary incentives and this concept is known as compensation based on competency. The word competency itself indicates extraordinary qualities like leadership or trouble shooting, problem solving, conflict management etc.

The software companies, now-a-days, are offering Employee Stock Options (ESOPs) to its employees who stick to the organization loyally and who contributes their best. The employees think that they are an integral part of the company and are motivated to work harder. They try to be more loyal and do not intend to quit to other institutions for better pastures as they are already getting best from the present company. The stocks that are offered will have a lock-in period to prevent the employees from selling and going out of the company. It minimizes attrition rate too. These days, the non IT companies like Reliance are also resorting to ESOPs to their employees in order to retain the experienced staff.

The process of providing individual incentives by way of commissions, time saving bonus, merit pay etc., is known as rewards. It is also a strong motivational monetary incentive. When the nature of work demands its employees to work in teams in co-operation especially when the tasks are interdependent, the company offers group bonus as a financial incentive.

‘Man can not live by bread alone’, goes the saying. Man has many needs to accomplish and money is the major source of motivation. When people are motivated by non-monetary factors, it can be termed as non-financial incentive. The process of consulting, team work, quality circles, job security, job enrichment, job rotation, flexi time etc., fall in the fold of non-financial incentives.

When the management encourages the employees to take part in major strategic plans and encourages them to actively involve in formulating strategies and policies for the organization, the employee draws a great pleasure and feels a sense of great achievement and contributes his best. Rather he unconsciously delivers his best and he is closely associated with the goals and objectives of the organization. This is known as consultation. And we can say that consultation is the key to motivation.

The process of forming various teams from the staff with similar backgrounds of trade will encourage them to work harder as no team wants to loose. All human beings have competitive spirit and all teams put their best efforts and energies in order to ensure their team to win from the rest. This concept is popularly known as team work which is again a non-monetary one.

When the group of employees led by a higher official takes the lead in order to improve the quality of the products and services it is known as quality circles. Forming small groups under the leadership of an individual not only ensures accountability but also motivates the body of employees and also the official to give out his best. In a nut shell, quality circle as a concept ensures quality of products and services and also pins responsibility and motivates employees to contribute their best.

When a temporary employee is converted as a permanent one, it is known as providing job security. The Govt. institutions provide job security while is not so in the private enterprises. Employee feels more safe and secure when his job is made permanent. Or else, he will be always under the constant pressure and fear of getting fired.

With increased responsibilities and duties at the higher level, can boost the morale of the employees as they get enriched with their jobs and it known as job enrichment. For instance, when the vice-principal of an educational institution is offered the role of principal, he feels more important with the pride and status attached to the designation and delivers his best.

In the present days, there is growing importance to the results not the presence of the employees. The organizations are providing the opportunity to work in flexible timings and laying more stress on results. The BPO and call centers are also fast adopting this concept of flexi time as the timings are different in different places in the world. Flexi time will also encourage the employees to choose their convenient times to work so that the rest of the day can be allocated for other constructive activities creatively and judiciously.

When an employee works in a particular job for a long time, he gets boredom and monotony. Everyone wants change whether in his life or work. Continuously doing the same task for long time ki
lls the creativity of an individual. For instance,
if we take the same type of food every day we lose interest to eat, yet we eat as we have to survive. But, it will not please our taste buds. That is why it is said aptly ‘Variety is the spice of life’. When an employee is changed from one task to another different task of his same field continuously it is known as job rotation. It is like rotating the job continuously to generate new energy and enthusiasm amongst the employees. It also helps the employees to know all aspects related to his profession and when he is promoted to higher level he will be in a position to execute his tasks at ease and comfort.

To sum up, the HR manager played a pivotal role in the past, is presently playing complex roles and will continue to play more challenging, constructive and creative role in future especially in ensuring a positive motivational climate with in the organization.



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