Communicating as a Leader

Communication – a Weapon to Win a Business Battle

William King asked:

When it comes to developing esteem in business relations, companies are conscious about it and effectual business communication is a key to it. You can distribute Business communication into two major areas:

1. Internal communication.

2. External communication.

Internal business communication comprises of some illustrations given below:

• Communication of corporate vision

• Communication of corporate strategies

• Communication of corporate plans

• Communication of corporate culture

• Communication of shared values

• Communication of guiding principles

• Communication to motivate employees

• Communication to generate ideas

External business communication comes up with these examples such as:

• Branding

• Marketing

• Advertising

• Customer relations

• Public relations

• Media relations

• Business negotiations

The above examples of communication have one thing in common, i.e. they provide value to business. To pioneer business communication, it’s crucial to appreciate that, we communicate what is perceived by us. So to lead, you should be an artist at managing your perceptions.

In today’s world, you need to provide what the customers need and it applies to everyone be a leader or a follower. They have to come up with what their customers have perceived. If a customer wants visual aid then it’s your responsibility to satisfy his sense of sight. There can be customers who like sampling of the product and they should be treated with such demonstrative products. This will make their perception a bit more real. Other customers tend to survey and they rely on advices or what they listen from others. Such customers should be squared up with attractive stuff like beguiling music similar to the stuff played in car showrooms or malls.

When perception stays for long, it becomes a belief. So, any perception of customer leads to misconception and if it is not corrected for long, it can kill your business. This misconception is bound to be inculcated into belief system of the organization and can be disastrous too. Much of the income is spent on discovering, how customers perceive the organization and problems can be avoided before time.

Even employees of the organization may sometimes carry pessimistic perception, which shows that there is some difficulty with company’s internal business communication. So, an effort should be laid to know their employees and their mode of thinking. It’s important to understand how the followers of the same company perceive the ideas. Surveys also help a lot. They are anonymous but they give details about management performance. When the employees are displeased with the company and cannot find some way to raise their points, they behave negative by incapacitating company’s services.

Thus, the above points were just a brief presentation of how good business communication helps growing the business and vice versa can result in extreme consequences. So, better be careful while having conversations next time; it’s for the company.

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