Traits of a Leader

True Leaders Come in Pink Tennis Shoes and Jeans

Christina Parker asked: True leaders are mentors with a servant’s heart. These are not just pretty words to fill out space. If you are NOT a true servant with a true passion for helping people you will not be a true leader in the real sense of the word. It is that simple. You may […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Managing Successful Projects

Mat Isaac asked: Many new project managers are struggling to cope up with the overwhelming responsibilities of planning, monitoring and leading. The list of tools and advices on how to manage successful projects is as overwhelming as the tasks at hand. In the end the steps to do on how to achieve the end goal […]

Communicating as a Leader

Communication – a Weapon to Win a Business Battle

William King asked: When it comes to developing esteem in business relations, companies are conscious about it and effectual business communication is a key to it. You can distribute Business communication into two major areas: 1. Internal communication. 2. External communication. Internal business communication comprises of some illustrations given below: • Communication of corporate vision […]