Self-confidence – your Key to a Successful Life, Part 1

Sacha Tarkovsky asked:

Self-Confidence is the key to a successful life.

This is a fact, and it is also a fact that shy and non-confident people never find realize their dreams.

Develop your self-confidence by following our daily personal development building exercise, and you will see your life change.

Our exercise is normally sold by therapists and others wishing to capitalize on people’s weaknesses…but we present it to you without cost. Read on.

What is Self-Confidence?

Self-confidence is a conviction you maintain that gives you the will to ACT on your dreams, your desires, and your needs.

Self-confidence is intangible, but when you’ve got it, you know you’ve got it. It is a feeling of personal strength and security.

People with self-confidence will act, not delay, on what needs to be done, and has to be done.

Shyness? Is it Just a Lack of Self-Confidence?

The answer is yes, and no.

Shyness is an indication of self-confidence, but is really born out of FEAR.

Fear of being rejected, fear of being wrong, fear of appearing stupid, fear on non-performance.

Shyness will keep you from acting, and without action, you can never succeed.

Where Does Personal Fear Come From?

Fear is generally understood as a part of our defense mechanism.

Fear was meant to keep us from walking into trouble, and so, it is a positive quality. However, this quality (as all qualities) can be distorted, and instead of keeping us alive (as in fight or flight reaction), it keeps us down and dejected.

Fear keeps us from realizing our potentials. Fear keeps us from making essential steps in our personal development. So, fear is an emotion that other’s use to manipulate us, to control us, and to keep us subservient.

Banish Fear – Break Your Bounds

As you begin to banish your fears, your self-confidence will start to take its place. Nature abhors a vacuum, and as fear leaves you, self-confidence comes to replace it.

Try this simple exercise.

Go to the mirror. Introduce yourself to yourself.

There is one of you in the mirror image and one without it. Introduce yourself and ask the question, “What exactly am I afraid of, that keeps my self-confidence away?”

Pick one subject only.

Pick your worst quality, the one that you know is covered by fear in all respects.

Talk to yourself, while looking in the mirror, and discover WHY you are so afraid. Pinpoint the reasons.

Then, resolve to work on that quality. Resolve to conquer the reasons, whatever they may be.

Let you speech be bold, and believe in your resolve. Each morning do this exercise.

When you finish, sit down and OUTLINE the situation, discover what needs to be done to correct it, and put a plan in motion.

The secret is, just talking about it will uncover the layers of fear, and start you on the road to self-confidence.


Because JUST BEING SELF-ASSERTIVE (which you have just been) is the first step to banishing fear.

Banishing fear will allow your self-confidence to grow.

The secret is, just FEELING YOUR OWN DETERMINATION is enough to show the light of self-confidence which is your real nature. We are not meant to pass through life in fear.

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