Feedback and Rewards

The Evolution Of Employee Motivation

Andrew Green asked: The concept of employee motivation is not at all a new idea. It has been around as long as there have been employees and employers. While the concept itself is not new, new research and awareness have made new aspects of employee motivation not only a possibility, but a reality in the […]

Leadership Styles

Do You Have the Right Leadership Style?

Diana Keith asked: Let’s take a look at a familiar team scenario: You’ve assembled an exceptional team for an upcoming project, and spent time and money choosing members based on their experience, personalities, and skills pertaining to the job at hand. You know you have the talent to get the job done, so there is […]

Transformational Leadership

Matching Sales Team Requirements With Management Input

Jonathan Farrington asked: In commercial terms we should seek to develop our teams in two specific areas i.e. Competence and Commitment. Competence consists of the combination of knowledge and skills whilst Commitment is a combination of confidence and motivation. The degree to which a person has achieved certain combinations of these factors can be defined […]