Professional Communication: a Blueprint for your Success

Laura Adams asked: As you progress in your career and take on leadership roles, you must be able to speak comfortably and with confidence in public. For some of us public speaking is as natural as breathing. And for others its met with more trepidation than jumping out of an airplane. Whether you need to […]

Feedback and Rewards

Motivating Sales Teams – Sound Science

Daiv Russell asked: Modern psychology attempts to explain human behavior and its underlying motivations. Understanding human behavior is critical in order to effectively control or influence human behavior in a desired manner. An advanced understanding of modern psychology can help individuals improve their personal lives, as well as advance their careers. Maslow was in innovator […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Sales Manager Training: the Critical Advantage

sheila Mulrennan asked: Being a salesperson is one thing; managing a team of several sales professionals is entirely another. Sales management brings more people in perspective along with a completely different set of goals. Thus, sales manager training is a wholly separate tract in business management education. Be that as it may, sales manager training […]

Communicating as a Leader

The Leader Next Door Needs Written Goals

Rick Hubbard asked: You’re the leader next door and have heard over and over that you need to set goals and write them down. You sit down in front of the computer to make a list of what development you want to take place in your followers. Maybe you are a manager and they are […]