Feedback and Rewards

How Managers Can Demolish a Team Without Really Trying!

Jan Springthorpe asked: How managers can demolish a team without really trying. Teamwork is the backbone of good performance in many organisations and team managers have a vital role to play in making teams effective. They can also cause a great deal of damage to teams and totally demolish them in some cases. Maybe it’s […]

Managing Performance / Setting Goals

Advice to New Managers

Tom Schmitt And Arnold Perl asked: If you’re in the early stages of your management career, there are some basic ideas that we want to pass on so perhaps you won’t have to learn the hard way how to provide leadership to the people who work for you. As a manager, whether you know it […]

Leadership Mistakes

How to Have a Lousy, Miserable, Failed Tenure as a Volunteer Board Member

Jennifer Selby Long asked: (c) 2008 Jennifer Selby Long Does that sound like a crazy headline coming from a management consultant? Well, after a long vacation, I’m in the mood for a little silliness. Nearly all leaders extend their leadership beyond the workplace to head volunteer organizations throughout their lives, often as board members. It […]