Communicating as a Leader

Wake Up Your Audience

Terry Gault asked: Why do you make presentations? Is it your idea? An assignment? A necessity? Part of your job? Of course there must be a reason for each presentation: to sell…to educate…to motivate. But to what kind of audience? To your boss? To an audience of a thousand people? Or maybe to one very […]

Feedback and Rewards

The 3 Secrets to Motivating Your Team

Shona Garner asked: (c) 2008 Shona Garner On a scale of nought to ten, with 10 being highly motivated, how motivated is the team you manage? Maybe you have some individuals who are more motivated than others? Maybe you’ve inherited a team where apathy and just “working for the pay cheque” are the norm. Or […]

Conflict Resolution

5 Ways We Create Stress and Self-Sabotage

Janie Behr asked: Overreacting to stressful situations is a form of “self-sabotage” that causes emotional stress. Everyone experiences stress; sometimes the way we react to stress amounts to self-sabotage! We’ve all found ourselves impatient with people or taking our frustrations out on others, or causing unnecessary conflicts because stress is clouding our judgment. And while […]